Valor Cup

Valor Cup

2018-04-03 11:58:57

How to Participate:

In order to make it more convenient for challengers to find the right opponents as well as gain honor for the guild, currently only players who are in a guild may participate in Valor Cup. For those who are in a guild, there are two ways to participate.

 1)Join or create a team with your guild mates. Once all 5 team slots are filled, the captain can then finalize and register the team. Please note that once the team is set, it cannot be changed for the rest of the competition season.

2)To allow some level of flexibility with Valor Cup matches, we allow up to two substitutes to be invited when queuing up for a match. Please note that substitutes can receive rewards for participation, but they won’t be counted or granted a regional team ranking for the purpose of season rewards.


How to Register:

1) Join a guild!

2) Join or create a Valor Cup team. View the list of current teams within the guild, tap on “View” to see detailed information about the team, and apply to join the team you want to be a part of it.

3) After the team is full, the captain can finish registration in the Tournament Center.



Starting a Match:

After the Valor Cup season is available, challengers may join the Tournament Center and tap “Start the Match” and find the guild-exclusive section for the match. Once the room is full, the challenger can begin the match!



Points Calculation Explanation:

Once all five challengers are registered, the power level of the team will be calculated based on its members’ ranking and number of stars. This power level will act as the team’s initial points for the season. Whenever a match is completed, the winning team will gain more points while the losing team will receive less points or lose points.




After about a month into the new Valor Cup season, playoffs registration will begin. Challengers can register their teams for the playoffs. At the end of the playoffs, the top 8 teams based on team points will be entered in the elimination rounds. Matches between the top 8 teams will be broadcasted in the game!



Season Schedule:
Season 1 (C1) Time: 4/12 after Version Update ~ 4/30 22:59


Match Time: 4/13-4/29 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 15:00-22:59 for a total of 9 days at 8 hours a day.


Details on the playoffs schedule and bonus will be shared in a later announcement.



Complete 1 Match = 4 Superman Shards + 1 Magic Crystal

Complete 3 Matches = 5 Superman Shards + 1 Lucky Gem Bag

Complete 6 Matches = 6 Superman Shards + 2 Lucky Gem Bags

Complete 10 Matches = 7 Superman Shards + 3 Magic Crystals

(Open a Lucky Gem Bag to earn 10-100 Gems.)


Gather 25 Superman Shards to earn Superman for free!

*Note: The Superman Shard event will be available 4/12-4/30.


Last but not least

This new Valor Cup online tournament system will also be included within the AoV World Cup qualifiers. You can earn points from Valor Cup as well as the Valor Series to earn a seat in the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) qualifiers. At the same time, the Valor Series quarterfinals for Europe and America will be shown on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch on Saturdays. For more information, please continue to follow our official website and social media channels!