Valor Fest

Valor Fest

2018-04-27 10:12:10

Celebrate Valor Fest with Unmissable Events Beginning on 5/5!


In the spirit of MOBAs and 5v5, May 5th is a special day for Arena of Valor and we will be celebrating in many ways! Grab your friends, team up, and participate in the number of different events and celebrations that will begin on 5/5.



Exclusive Profile Frame

Login each day and redeem a brand new Profile Frame, exclusive to Valor Fest.


Earn a Hero for Free

Keep your login streak going and you will also be able to earn one of three chosen heroes FOR FREE! Who are they? We don’t want to spoil *all* of the surprises…


No Gold or EXP Limit

Start from 5/7.

Play, play, and play some more! Play as many matches during Valor Fest as you want and you will continue to earn Gold and EXP – no cap!


More, Popular Heroes Added to Free Rotation

We’ve chosen some of the community’s favorite heroes and unlocked them for use during Valor Fest! Try someone new – you may just find your new favorite to play.


New Hero Release – The Flash

Master the Speed Force and become The Fastest Man Alive!

Barry Allen joins his Justice League allies in the world of Athanor.



New Skins


Zanis Blood Knight

Donning the armor of the Blood Knight, Zanis is ready to unleash pure rage upon his enemies.




‘Cybercore’ Nakroth Evolution Skin

We’ve received a ton of positive feedback about the design of ‘Technoblade’ Butterfly! Following in those footsteps, we’re excited to release ‘Cybercore’ Nakroth during Valor Fest!

This skin will have multiple levels to unlock, with new visual effects and more. And this is the first look under the mask for Nakroth! Not what you expected, huh?


We hope you’re as excited for Valor Fest as we are! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit for the latest news and discussion.