We know that Arena of Valor was supposed to be released in November in North America. Since we have always maintained our commitment to quality, we unfortunately have to delay the release to next year. This is mainly in order to further polish additional gameplay and social features. This decision wasn’t easy for us, and we know how much all of you were looking forward to the North American version releasing in November. We were also looking forward to this too.

There is no way that compensation can replace the time missed from having a real gaming experience with Arena of Valor, but to make it up to you we are going to provide even more rewards to those who have already pre-registered. The initial pre-registration gift includes a limited edition Viking Ormarr skin with a Fright Circus Mganga skin for those who have already pre-registered. In addition to these, there will be more rewards based on how long you’ve waited for release as a pre-registered player.

Registration Reward Details:

1.All players who have pre-registered will receive the Viking Ormarr skin once servers are live in North America. The promo code for Viking Ormarr has already been sent to those who are currently pre-registered, and once the servers are live in North America, players will be able to use the code to redeem the skin.

2.Players who have pre-registered before November 1st will also receive an additional Fright Circus Mganga skin.

3.We will be adding additional rewards based on how long you have been waiting for release since pre-registering. Based on when we launch, additional rewards could include the Sailor Butterfly skin, an Azzen’ka hero unlock, and a Taara hero unlock.

The earlier you sign up, the more rewards you can earn. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you pre-register!

It is our team’s purpose and mission to deliver players a flawless, perfected experience for gamers in North America, and this additional time will allow us to do exactly that. We are confident that fans will be happy with the end result.

We strongly encourage you to follow our Arena of Valor Facebook page and subscribe to the Facebook Messenger Bott to receive more updates and news about the North American launch.

The Arena of Valor team thanks you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in the battle arena soon.