Hero: Thane

  Class: Tank

  Specialty: Crowd Control/Herald

  Skill Analysis: Thane’s passive skill is very useful and allows him to face off against enemies and survive for a long time. Its cooldown is rather long though, so be sure that the skill is ready before a group battle.

      His first skill is his main crowd control skill, which has two phases. Both knocks enemies back. When his team is in trouble, Thane can use this skill to knock back enemies. Expert players use it to push back enemies and then have teammates focus firepower to kill them.

      His second skill doesn't last long and is difficult to land, so use his first skill to control the enemy first and then follow it up with the second. This is one of Thane’s most important combos.

      His Ultimate gives him a powerful physical buff and deals true damage. That means it ignores shields, armor, and Magic Defense to deal damage directly to the target equal to the skill's damage value. It greatly increases this tank Hero's damage output. Thane's Ultimate attack area is very large. Use it effectively to strike multiple targets and deal a heavy blow to the enemy. His ultimate attack can be interrupted by impairing skills.


  Skill Combo: First Skill, Second Skill, Ultimate

  Challenger Skill Recommendation: Healing is a must for tank Heroes, and Thane is no exception. Its HP regeneration is great in both early and late game, and nearby allies also receive some of the effect. There is also a two second movement buff used for effective escapes or pursuits.


  Item Suggestions: Mantle of Ra,Sonic Boots,The Aegis,Shield the Lost,Gaia's Standard,Crimson Banner

  Item Analysis: Mantle of Ra is a staple item for Tank Heroes. Tank Heroes take the brunt of enemy damage output, so they need defensive items. Mantle of Ra not only grants HP and armor, it also has a passive that deals damage to nearby targets, which greatly increases Tank Hero damage output capabilities in the early game. Sonic Boots are a great bang for your buck. They grant Thane great defensive capabilities in the early game. The Aegis' high armor buff and cooldown reduction is very important for Thane as it increases his defenses. Gaia's Standard also offers great value. The benefits it brings will be especially evident when facing MA heroes. The Crimson Banner gives a huge boost to Thane's HP. Enemy Heroes may be terrified to face off against such a solid tank.

  Battle Tip: Try to stay with an archer or damage output Hero. Your control skill can easily protect damage output Heroes while they level up. Don't hastily rush in during group battles. Find the right moment to attack with your allies. Thane is needed in helping Heroes with ganking.

  Hero Tip: Thane can take advantage of his first skill to disable an enemy for his team. The stunned enemy won't last long, when your whole team tears into them. Thane gains a lot of HP for each level up, so he doesn't need to rely on items that give HP buffs. You can consider using some defensive items.

  Summary: Thane's crowd control abilities are unmatched, so anyone interested in tanks can practice with Thane.