Omega is a war machine! He joins forces with his teammates to attack the enemy by virtue of his constant control. He's also great at taking down enemy towers and has a knack for using tactics that will effectively hinder the enemy. You can catch a glimpse of Omega's equipment and some battle tips below.

Hero Introduction

His arduous pursuit of warfare and excellent performance in battle have made all the gods suspicious of Omega. They've started to call their means of ending all wars into question.

“Peace or war? That is the question.”

Hero: The Sentient Mech

Class: Tank

Specialty: Crowd Control

Skills Analysis

The passive Demolition Mode skill helps Omega destroy the enemy's Base and Defense Towers. Since he can move very fast, Omega can single-handedly take down a line of Soldiers in the late stages of the battle and quickly join his teammates on the battlefield.

With Skill 1 , Vanguard Mode, every time you engage in a group battle, Omega can aid his teammates in the kill by having his shield charge to hit the enemy by knocking him/her into the air (this skill can increase Movement Speed and be used to avoid being ganked by enemies).

His second skill, Crash Mode, has directional controls that can bring about group control. Use this skill to give your teammates the right conditions for a kill, or for their protection and retreat.

His third skill, Exterminate, is an Ultimate AOE damage move. Although the damage isn't very high, it has a wide range of attack. You can cause sustained damage to Defense Towers by using the Ultimate move.

Skill Combo: When in a group battle, quickly select Vanguard Mode and punch enemies into the air, then withdraw to protect the rear flanks. Leave Crash Mode for the enemy Assassin. Since Omega is a it is important to provide space for Assassins in the rear flanks. If your teammates are protecting the rear, go and support the front lines. In the early stages of the game, Vanguard Mode can be used to increase movement speed. Then add Crash Mode for control and punch the enemies into the air when they are escaping. This can give you even better control over the enemy. Exterminate is recommended when there is a crowd or a Defense Tower.

Challenger Skill Recommendations

Since Omega has strong mobility, he can use his high level of control to accompany his teammates in the early stages of the game and use Disrupt to directly take down towers. Using disrupt after taking down the tower can also be of great help to the team in the late stages of the game.

Recommended Equipment

Mantle of Ra, Sonic Boots, Asterion's Buckler, Gaia's Standard, Shield of the Lost, Crimson Banner

In the early stages, the burning effect of the Mantle of Ra sticks to your opponent and can cause considerable damage. The defense ability of Sonic Boots in the early, middle and late stages of the game is useful against physical Assassin Heroes. Asterion's Buckler can give your own team a buff, and Omega is very well suited to it as a group battle Hero. The Shield of the Lost and Gaia's Standard are recommended, since these two pieces of equipment can significantly reduce skill cooldown and strengthen skills peripherally. Crimson Banner recovers a large amount of HP after a group kill or assist and becomes an invincible iron wall against the enemy.

Game Tips

Use Vanguard Mode to hold the enemy and Crash Mode for control. This contains the enemy so the team can take him down. Aside from his skills, Omega doesn't play a very big role. Therefore, you can provide constant control by pairing him with the recommended equipment. Omega has strong mobility and quick support. You can choose to steal a tower in a lane and then rejoin the group battle. Rapid skill cooldown makes it hard for the enemy to catch Omega, and his Ultimate move can cause tons of damage to buildings.

Group battle: During group battle, Omega needs to use Vanguard Mode to provide control in the group and reduce damage. It's best to contain the main enemy Assassin. Performing the Ultimate move in the middle of a group of enemies will cause the most damage. Since Omega has two control skills, he can also protect your own team’s Assassin.