Hero: Zephys

Class: Warrior

Specialty: Herald

Skill Analysis

[Deathless]: As long as he isn't impaired, Deathless can be used constantly. It increases Zephys' survival in group battles.

[Death from Above]: A dash attack that can be used to pursue enemies or escape. Since it targets enemies, pay attention to your direction when using it to escape.

[Fatal Barrage]: This skill’s damage area is rather small. Ensure that the target is within range when using this skill.

[Final Rift]: This skill does ranged damage. Use it for crowd control to give your team a chance to attack. The third skill has lag, so be sure to judge your enemy’s location well. Its cooldown is 8 seconds when Zephys is at Level 15, which allows you to use it often in group battles.

Skill Combo: Most players use Zephys’ first skill to cut into the battlefield, and then use the third skill for crowd control. But actually the third skill works better if used from the get go. Use the third skill to cut into battle and crowd control enemy Heroes so that your team can fight back or escape. And then use skills 1 and 2 for damage output. Since skill 3 has low cooldown in the late game, it can be used repeatedly. The first skill can be used to pursue enemies or escape from battle when low on HP.

Skill Points: Add one point in the beginning to skill 1 to prevent enemy Heroes from attacking from the Wilds. It can be used to attack or escape. Then add points to the second skill, Zephys' main means of damage output. Upgrade your Ultimate when you can.

Item Introduction

Leviathan: Used in the Wilds, increases survivability.

Spear of Longinus: Increases regular attack speed and survivability.

Claves Sancti: Increases Attack and Crit chance

The Beast: Increases Zephys' life steal

Ancestral Glory: Increases Zephys' survivability, allowing him to continue fighting after taking damage

Fenrir's Tooth: Lets you kill enemies with low health in one strike during group battles.

Suggested Skill: Punish - If you already have a Raider on your team, Zephys can take the Raider to invade enemy Wilds. After getting the Hunters Crossbow, use it for crowd control in the late game. If you don't want to use the Hunters Crossbow, you can use Execute to increase damage output.

Early/Mid Game Ganking

As a warrior capable of crowd control and gap closing, Zephys is well suited for ganking in the early and mid game. He can help allies who are struggling to kill enemies. Check the mini map before advancing for an attack to make sure enemies aren't hiding in the bushes. As a ganking Hero, he also needs to control big and small Monsters. You can have allies team up to help kill the Abyssal Dragon or get the Dark Slayer Buff during team battles or when the enemy isn't paying attention.

Push and Kill

Zephys has a two stage gap close, which helps him push Towers and kill enemies. When preparing to kill enemies with low HP, use skill 3 to cut into the Tower, crowd control enemies, and use skill 2 to attack. If you have enough HP remaining, continue the attack. If you're out of HP or have finished up a kill, use skill 1 to move out of range of the enemy Tower. Pay attention to the mini map while killing enemies. Use skill 1 to escape if too many enemy reinforcements come in.

Team Battles

Zephys is a half tank, half damage Hero, so he isn't suited for taking massive amounts of damage like a tank. When grouping up, enemy Heroes will focus in on your team's tank. After using a crowd control skill, Zephys can use skill 3 to cut into the enemy's back line and crowd control the enemy's main damage output. Then use skills 2 and 1 in succession. Skill 1 is used to retreat from the battlefield or hunt down enemies with low HP to snag the win.