Class: Tank

  Specialty: Crowd Control

  Skill Analysis: Mina's passive "Sweet Revenge" paired with "Whirling Scythe" make for incredible damage output in the early game. "Dark Dominion" is a very strong crowd control skill, useful in both pursuing and counter attacking. "Death Scythe" is a ranged group taunt which can absorb a lot of damage for your team. Level up Skill 2 to reduce cooldown. This works well to help your teammates get kills.

  Skill Combo: Skill 1 plus normal attacks. Use her Ultimate to interrupt enemy skills and limit damage output. Skill 2 keeps enemies nearby for quick kills.

  Challenger Skill Recommendation: Flicker, use it and protect your carry in group battles for great results. Execute is also very useful for Mina, because she is a Hero that snowballs quickly after getting some kills.

  Item Suggestions: Mantle of Ra, Sonic Boots, Mail of Pain, Gaia's Standard, Crimson Banner, Odin's Will

  Item Analysis: Mantle of Ra is the first pick for most tanks. It combines physical defense, HP, and damage into one, so it's good for attack and defense. Sonic Boots do well with her Ultimate to control her damage intake. Mail of Pain counters assassins and PACs, and it can also provide great physical defense. Use Gaia's Standard to counter powerful enemy mages. Gaia's Standard both targets MA Heroes and increases HP greatly. Its passive HP recovery increases Mina's endurance. Crimson Banner turns Mina into an even stronger tank. Odin's Will increases Mina's overall late game capabilities.

  Tips: Mina is a group tank - she shines in group play. When the enemy formation is very concentrated, Mina can use Flicker and then her Ultimate to taunt enemies and have allies attack. Factor in the 2 seconds needed for her taunt, Mina must find the best place to use Skill 2 to enrage as many enemies as possible. Then use Skill 1, her passive, plus normal attacks to deal damage. In more scattered enemy formations, use Skill 2 to give allies a chance to focus firepower. Save her Ultimate until the group battle heats up, and find the right place to use it to interrupt enemy skills and absorb damage. After that, just stay close and protect your carry while crowd controlling enemy assassins.

  Hero Skill: See how many enemies you can get with Mina's Skill 2 and Ultimate. Her Ultimate must be used within range to enrage enemies. Enrage can interrupt many skills, including Aleister’s Ultimate. Mina's Skill 2 can only pull enemies close to the edge of the area of effect before being flicked back, so keep that in mind!