Alice appears to be an innocent little girl, but that’s not the case at all on the battlefield! Alice is not only great at protecting the team, she can also deal heavy blows to the enemy. You can catch a glimpse of Alice's equipment and some battle tips below.

"Quick, come play with me!"

Hero: The Adorable Mystic-Alice

Class : Support

Specialty: Crowd Control/Team Reward

Skills Analysis

Her skills make Alice perfect for a Support position. If her super long-range first skill, Sunshine, is well calculated, she will have a high probability of stunning the enemy. This skill can be used to frequently harass the enemy or even blow the horn for a group battle. If the opportunity presents itself, it's also good to supplement with Skill 2, Friendship, to increase Speed during a group battle. Friendship can increase shields and movement speed for surrounding friendly forces and offers some protection during pursuit and escape. Her Ultimate Support move, Hissy Fit, is also a great skill. It has damage and speed reduction and can also reduce the enemy's magic resistance. Her ability to cause the enemy 1% spell damage to maximize HP every second is no joke!

Skill Combo

Challenger Skill Recommendations

Heal should be the first choice. After all, skills that increase group blood can prevent death and help the team escape if used wisely. Players who use Alice need to protect the rear flanks.

Recommended Equipment

Virtue's Bracelet, Flashy Boots, Asterion's Buckler, Hecate's Diadem, Shield of the Lost, Frosty's Revenge

Equipment Analysis

Virtue's Bracelet is Alice's first piece of equipment, since its attributes are a good fit for Alice when joining the group. Flashy Boots allow Alice to release even more of her own skills to protect her teammates during group battle. Asterion's Buckler is a necessary support item which increases the whole team's combat power. Hecate's Diadem provides a good amount of HP and also improves Alice's damage. The Shield of the Lost is a comparatively costly piece of defense equipment which gives a big increase to blood and physical defense, and can also reduce the attack speed of enemies trying to cut into the rear. Frosty's Revenge provides tons of HP which can extend Alice’s life during battle. Passive speed reduction causes even more damage to enemies in range of Alice's Ultimate move.

Game Tips

good Alice can definitely be there at her teammates' time of need. Her Friendship skill makes her movements especially agile, and it also has a high level of efficiency. Since her first skill can be cast from far away where the enemy won't be able to see you, hiding in the grass is a tried and tested trick. It's very easy to stun the enemy this way, and then you can join your teammates in the kill. Tip: hide in the grass near an opposing Sage Golem on the left side of the field at the beginning of the game, making sure you aren’t spotted by the enemy. Then, you can use Sunshine to grab the Sage Buff and hinder your opponent’s development.

Early stages: Alice is pretty fragile at the beginning of the game, so she usually sticks with her teammates on a lane and develops along with them. Then, she waits until the other Heroes clear the Wilds of monsters. It's best to stick with Heroes who slay monsters as you move around the map because Friendship increases Speed for the group which can in turn increase gank efficiency. Sunshine has a long range so it's easy to hold an enemy.

Late stages: The late stages are basically a wave of winning and losing teams, so it's essential to protect your team's Assassins. Of course, you can also join your team's Heroes for a strong charge to wipe out your opponent's Assassins and get the upper hand. The Hissy Fit skill is extremely important when fighting as a group. With one percentage of damage dealt every second, this move can deal tons of damage even to tanks.