Azzen'Ka is a Sand Wraith from the depths of the desert who can easily control the enemy by using demons that lurk in the shadows. He is also great at creating the perfect space for Assassins in his team. You can catch a glimpse of Azzen'Ka's skills, equipment and battle tips below.

Hero Introduction

Azzen'Ka the Sand Wraith is an ancient being that stalks the desert sands.

“I am one with the wind and the sand.”

Hero: Sand Wraith - Azzen'Ka

Class: Mage

Specialty: Crowd Control

Skills Analysis

Azzen'Ka relies on his powerful passive skill, Sand Trap, to keep his opponents in a bone-chilling state of petrification. Sand Punch has a large pre-tremor which can be released in the lane directly in front of the enemy when you're pursuing him or being pursued. Skill 2, Dust Devil, can cause damage to enemies by using soldiers as a springboard or even passively remote-controlling them. In group battle, Azzen'Ka can quickly overlay a passive mark between enemy Heroes to prepare a clean sweep. Sand Wraith’s skill trajectory targets enemy units (enemy soldiers, enemy Heroes, monsters) and stops them in their tracks. This creates a damage zone where the enemy is impaired, and causes sustained skill damage to any enemies that pass through the damage zone using passive overlay and speed reduction. This skill has a wide damage range, and can continually overlay marks. If you can hit more enemies during group battle, damage done to your team’s Heroes will rain down on the enemy's feeble bodies like a waterfall.

Skill Combo: Dirt Devil → Sand Punch → Sand Wraith

Challenger Skill Recommendations

When forced to engage in group battle, Flicker allows you to adjust your own damaging position, thus maximizing output.

Recommended Equipment

Orb of the Magi, Flashy Boots, Boomstick, Hecate's Diadem, Holy of Holies, Ancestral Glory

Equipment Analysis

This set of war equipment is suitable for use both offensive and defensive use. Using an Orb of the Magi in the early stages of battle can help you survive attacks from the enemy Assassin. Flashy Boots can shorten skill cooldown and are especially suitable for Heroes like Azzen’Ka that rely on frequent release of skills. Then a pair of Boomsticks can improve damage in the mid stages of battle. Use Hecate’s Diadem and Rhea’s Blessing to greatly increase damage from your own skills. Since Azzen'Ka has a short skill cooldown, he can use another wave of skills after being resurrected.

Game Tips

Early stages: When your teammates send out a signal that they are ready to support you, go on a lane and use Dust Devil to carry out a double passive attack on the enemy Heroes. If the enemy is still in the lane and is clearly unable to move, it means they are still under the effects of petrification and only their petrified body remains.

Middle stages: Since Azzen'Ka has a wide damage range and the ability to limit the movements of the enemy group, he makes a good tower guard. He can view the situation and join teammates to launch a surprise attack on the enemy!

Late stages: When an enemy Assassin attacks you and you can't use Challenger Skills to protect yourself, you can unleash your Ultimate move directly on the enemy. The reduction in cooldown that your equipment gives in the late stages can even allow you to perform two devastating Sand Wraiths during a group battle.