Class: Assassin

Specialty: Charger/Reap

Skill Analysis

Butterfly's three active skills all deal great damage. Skill 1 can be used while moving, to keep Butterfly swift. Skill 2 has great damage but short range, it requires accuracy. The Ultimate needs to be controlled manually in order to flash behind the target instantly. With your help, Butterfly can assassinate the target without losing much HP. Her powerful Damage Immunity buff lets her live longer. Increased Speed is useful for escaping and pursuing. The nucleus of Butterfly's arsenal is her passive. A kill or an assist refreshes all skill cooldowns. This gives her the exceptional ability to finish off enemies. This skill lets Butterfly eliminate five low HP enemies in a flash, and turn the tide of battle.

Skill Combo: Skill 3→Attack→Skill 2→Attack→Skill 1→Attack

Challenger Skill Recommendation

Execute: This skill can be used on tanks that Butterfly can't simply burst away. The amount of true damage it gives is perfect for killing.

Item Recommendation

The Beast, Gilded Greaves, Fenrir's Tooth, Gaia's Standard, The Beast, Ancestral Glory

Item Analysis: The Beast can greatly increase Butterfly's endurance in the early game. Its Physical Attack buff is impressive, allowing Butterfly to keep on fighting in skirmishes. Gilded Greaves increase speed and reduce the time you are impaired, so it is effective in preventing enemy kiting. Fenrir's Tooth greatly increases Butterfly's physical attack to ensure that she has explosive power. Gaia's Standard's passive gives Butterfly an endurance boost. The Beast can be used in late game, as it helps give incredible endurance. As long as you don't get attacked by multiple enemies, you can use life steal to regain HP and continue fighting. Ancestral Glory revives you after death, giving you a second chance at explosive power.


If you want to master Butterfly, you have to master her attack timing. Butterfly is pretty squishy on her own, so wait until the enemies have used up their crowd control skills to start your attack. This will also let you increase your endurance and ability to finish off enemies. If you end up getting chased by enemies, you can make use of Butterfly's Ultimate. Quickly use it on a monster to pass through walls and make your escape.

Butterfly's skill use is very important. Use skills effectively to really make the most of her power. Butterfly can first use Skill 2 to trigger the damage buff and then immediately use her Ultimate to get behind the enemy. Finally, use her normal attacks and skills to kill the enemy, refresh skills, and repeat. Finish off enemies to lead your team to victory.