Sitting atop his red rabbit, Lu Bu looks down upon his enemies as they tremble on the ground and his heart fills with an angry roar.

"Heaven?" exclaims Lu Bu with his eyes flashing, "That means nothing to me!"


Hero: Lu Bu

Class: Warrior

Features: Leach

Skills Analysis

When released against an enemy Hero, Lu Bu’s passive skill Tyrant is alternated with normal attacks and significantly reduces the cooldown time of his second skill, Impale. This makes it easier for Lu Bu to kill his target while pursuing the enemy.

Skill 1, Red Stallion, combines repulsion and a lunge effect into one. When this skill is released, it can reduce Impale’s cooldown time just like the normal attack. This skill is of great help when adjusting your own position or pursuing the enemy.

Impale is often used as Lu Bu's offensive skill. The speed reduction effect can be used for sieging Towers and pursuit. This is a powerful pursuit attack when accompanying the team for a gank.

As Lu Bu's core skill, Conqueror offers a strong physical attack plus a Life Steal effect, and has a powerful anti-kill and escape ability even when under ambush.

Skill Combo: When Lu Bu unleashes his Ultimate move, it strengthens his physical attack. After adding Impale to slow down and control the target, use Red Stallion to advance to the front of the enemy and alternate with normal attacks to shorten cooldown time for both skills. Attack in a circular formation.

Challenger Skill Recommendations

Unlike other Warrior class Heroes, Lu Bu has strong dash and recovery abilities. Lu Bu's Execute is a great asset in the process of harvesting souls on the battlefield.

Recommended Equipment: Spear of Longinus + Sonic Boots + Blitz Blade + Shield of the Lost + The Beast + Asterion’s Buckler

Equipment Analysis

The Spear of Longinus paired with the three-phased attack of Red Stallion is perfect for Lu Bu. The large reduction in cooldown also gives him even more attack combos. The Blitz Blade and The Beast enhance Lu Bu's endurance, and the substantial increase in attack speed makes it easier for him to carry out its passive effect. Finally, based on Lu Bu's defense, we created Shield of the Lost and Asterion's Buckler, which give him the power to endure even in the late stages of the battle.

Skill Tips

Lu Bu's performance is outstanding in group battle. A powerful attack and defense ability allow him to escape even after killing the enemy Assassins. In group battle, you can hide in the grass, and after using Impale to slow down the enemy and gain control, you can add Red Stallion to pull them close and finally unleash Conqueror along with the normal attack and cross-release skills to kill the enemy. In the middle stages, Lu Bu already has a strong ganking ability after using Fafnir’s Talon. Use the control of Impale and the maneuverability of Red Stallion with your team to take the target out in a wave. Meanwhile, you can also clear the lane to expand your own economy.