Violet is the incarnation of the gun-toting angel of justice from the coast who strikes fear into the hearts of all the thieves across the land. Below is an introduction to fiery Violet's fighting style and strategy, so you can gain a more thorough understanding of this Hero.

Hero: Violet

Class: Archer

Features: Charge/Reap

Skills Analysis

Reload, Violet’s passive skill, reduces skill cooldown to help her move more nimbly.

With her first skill, Tactical Fire, Violet can hold the title of most agile Archer. Her cooldown is short and after she powers up, her normal attack has high damage and a long shooting distance. She can also increase movement speed while in proximity of enemy Heroes.

Skill 2, Fire in the Hole, has well-ranged speed reduction, fast release, and ability to hinder the enemy, but it requires some judgment.

The Ultimate skill, Kinetic Rounds, causes very high group damage. Using this skill in group battle or during pursuit can help you take many souls.

Skill Combo: After rolling use Tactical Fire to strengthen the next normal attack and firing range, add Fire in the Hole for speed reduction. Continuous use of Tactical Fire allows you to attack Assassins from a long distance and the Ultimate move can be used as a finishing combo.

Challenger Skill Recommendations:

Purify is used to lift impairment and further strengthen Violet’s survival ability. Flicker can be used to avoid enemy skills and escape. Paired with the displacement of Tactical Fire, there are very few who can catch up with her during a chase.

Recommended Equipment

Muramasa, War Boots, Claves Sancti, Omni Arms, The Beast, Ancestral Glory


Equipment Analysis:

Muramasa lowers costs, has superior properties, and causes considerable damage to Tanks in the early stages.

War Boots increases movement speed and attack speed. It also increases certain Assassin abilities. 

Claves Sancti provides crit attack and crit damage. Mainly used after rolling Tactical Fire to enhance damage and provide conditions for crit damage.

With its comprehensive attributes, Omni Arms can greatly improve damage. Its passive effect paired with Tactical Fire can cause the most damage.

The Beast gives Life Steal, improves endurance, and can increase attack damage.

Ancestral Glory provides solid defense and can carry out a second resurrection.

The complete set of equipment is enough to ensure the protection of Assassins. Violet is an ADC that doesn't rely on attack speed. A pair of War Boots can basically make up for her lack of attack speed, but she mainly relies on Tactical Fire. One shot, one kill! Ancestral Glory can be chosen for its defensive properties and to absorb an enemy wave. After resurrection, add The Beast to restore HP and continue to play.

Battle Tips

Violet is very nimble and an explosive archer. Therefore she needs to have a continual damage fighting style. Make sure to pay attention to the gap between skills so that the enemy doesn't launch a surprise attack.

Always maintain a Tactical Fire skill rolling distance between yourself and the enemy - after all, this type of dynamic Assassin is more difficult to play than the traditional Archer.

In the Wilds, Violet can use the displacement effect of Tactical Fire to continuously shuttle between walls. She can also use the advantages of the terrain to poke enemies and finally make the kill.

Usage Tips: With a fortified normal attack after the Tactical Fire rolling raid, you can use the strengthened shooting range while outside the attack range of the vanguard tower to consume the tower's HP. When encountering an enemy gank in the lane, don't use a Tactical Fire roll to escape right away. The enemy will soon run out of control skills and then you can use Purify to wipe them out, and use Tactical Fire’s increased speed to escape. Otherwise, after the displacement effect is complete, you will be overtaken by the enemy and face certain death.