Hero: Toro

Class: Tank

Specialty: Crowd Control/Herald

Skill Analysis: The passive skill "Tough Hide" is what lets Toro charge into groups of enemies. He cannot be impaired, and he takes reduces damage. Skill 1 "Bull Rush" is used to support allies, rush an enemy, or make an escape. Skill 2 "Brazen Bellow" is used to rush enemy groups and slow their Movement Speed. This makes for more effective chases and escapes. Skill 3 "Cracked Earth" is a powerful crowd control skill. It is also a good way of breaking up formations. Since Skill 2 has a delay, we recommend Challengers to first level up Skill 1.

Skill Combo: His Ultimate can be used for crowd control. Use Skill 1 in conjunction with allied assassins to cut into the back line of enemy formations and cause disruptions. Skill 2 is used to help with damage output and speed reduction.

Champion Skill Suggestion: Heal. A real life saver!

Item Suggestions: Mantle of Ra, Sonic Boots, Odin's Will, Gaia's Standard, Shield the Lost, Crimson Banner

Item Analysis: Mantle of Ra is a must for tank Heroes. It combines physical defense, HP, and damage into one. It also increases his attack and defense. Sonic Boots decrease a percentage of physical damage. Odin's Will provides high physical defense. Anyone without The Beast dares not challenge him. Gaia's Standard has high HP and impressive Magic Defense. Its passive HP restoration increases Toro's endurance - it’s really a pain for mages to deal with. Shield of the Lost can decrease the enemy's attack speed by 30%, greatly limiting the damage output potential of Assassins and ADC Heroes. Crimson Banner gives a lot of HP and is very useful in the late game.

Battle Tips: Toro fights for the team. So in team battles during even matches, Toro is of extreme importance to the survival of the team. Placement of his Ultimate is what separates a good Toro from a bad one. Toro's Ultimate must land near as many enemies as possible. Enemies are sent flying after the third stomp. Next use Skill 2 to slow the enemies down. Skill 1 can be used as crowd control on assassins or to disturb damage output Heroes in the back line. Absorb as much damage as possible so that your teammates can deal damage effectively.

Hero Skill: Group Battles are very important. If you don't have a good opportunity, you can wait until the two sides start fighting before using crowd control. Try to use skills to separate the front and back rows of enemies as much as possible. Don't use Toro's Skill 2 when chasing down enemies, they will have gotten away by the time the attack actually starts.

As a heavy tank, Toro is powerful Hero. If you can master his skill timings, you can turn Toro into a mobile battle fortress!