Diaochan is a master at confusing the opposing Mage. She not only has the appearance of an angel, but also uses her skills to lure the enemy to her, making it even more difficult for them to escape her frozen charm. You can take a look at Diaochan's equipment and some battle tips below.


Hero Introduction

Diao Chan was beautiful, but her beauty was matched by her darkness.

Hero: The Crystal Lotus - Diaochan

Class :Mage

Features: Crowd Control


Skills Analysis

Diaochan's skills have an explosive damage output. Her passive Ice Queen is perfectly tailored to her second skill, Absolute Zero. Controlling the enemy with this skill will allow her normal attack to cause significant HP damage. This can be taken advantage of especially in the early stages. Once the enemy is controlled, use the normal attack twice and then add Skill 1, Chilling Frost, to take half the enemy's HP.

Chilling Frost has a speed reduction effect, while Absolute Zero has a controlling effect. It's very difficult for the enemy to chase down Diaochan, so she has a good survivability. Her Ultimate move, Blizzard, causes ranged damage and has very high spell damage. During group battle, the enemy can be disabled just by coming into range.

Skill Combo: Chilling Frost can slow down the enemy and then you can use Absolute Zero to control them and improve your own damage output. Finally, release the Ultimate skill in a group of enemies, but be sure to pay attention to the position of your Assassin. Since she has a powerful armor bonus and Purify skill, it's difficult for the enemy to interrupt Diaochan’s Blizzard.


Challenger Skill Recommendations 

Due to the enemy’s fear of being controlled when Diaochan releases her Ultimate move, bringing Purify can ensure that your own damage is not interrupted.


Recommended Equipment

Hecate's Diadem, Enchanted Kicks, Boomstick, Staff of Nuul, Frosty's Revenge, Holy of Holies 

Equipment Analysis 

Enchanted Kicks, Hecate's Diadem, and the Staff of Nuul give Diaochan enhanced Magic Pierce. Boomstick has a super high spell strength bonus ensuring Blizzard will cause a flurry of artillery fire to rain down upon the enemy. Frosty's Revenge and Holy of Holies greatly enhance Diaochan’s HP and Assassin abilities, which cannot be taken away by enemy Assassins, so you can maintain the ability to fight.


Game Tips

After using Chilling Frost to slow down the enemy, Diaochan's skill hit rate will be improved. Then you can release Absolute Zero to easily gain control over the enemy army. While developing in the lanes in the early stages, Diaochan can use Chilling Frost to consume. In group battle, she can also use her skills to have a speed reduction effect on the enemy Heros to keep them within range.

During group battle, Diaochan serves as a controller Mage, so you have to pay attention to your position. Stick to the rear and use Chilling Frost to harass and attack. Keep a safe distance from enemy Assassins. Find a good opportunity to use Absolute Zero and Blizzard to control more enemies, and then accompany your teammates to finish off the target.