Hero Introduction

“I will pay back what you have done to me, ten-fold!”

Kahlii roams the world, with vengeance towards the gods.


Hero: Kahlii 

Class: Mage

Specialty: Poke


Skills Analysis

Kahlii’s passive skill, Damnation, is a general attack with a piercing effect, useful when reinforcing ground forces or dismantling towers. It is also good for wearing out enemies in early stages before acquiring her Ultimate skill.

Skill 1, Eternal Blame, is a continuous damaging skill used over a long distance and with a small coverage. It causes significant damage while hindering the enemy's mobility.

Incorporeal, the second skill, greatly improves strength of spells and movement speed when in effect. Paired with Eternal Blame, it can inflict high spell damage even in the early stages. The drawback is that her shield is very fragile.

Skill 3, Grievance, has a considerable attack range and damage. Even Tanks should think twice before taking a direct hit. This Ultimate skill will inflict additional damage on wild monsters. It is especially easy to use when accompanying your teammates in the pursuit of dragons and enemies with low HP. The only drawback is that you are unable to change the spell direction once cast, so aim right before casting.

Skill Combo: As a long-distance Hero, Kahlii does not have a specific sequence for combos. Usually you can cast Incorporeal to drastically strengthen the your skills, then use Eternal Blame to slow down consumption. Finally, cast Grievance to inflict direct damage.

Challenger Skill Recommendations: Because Kahlii does not have teleportation or charging skills, her low HP makes her an easy kill once ganked by an enemy unit. So, getting away by using Flicker can offset some of those disadvantages. Kahlii’s Ultimate skill may also be paired with Flicker to move in the right direction, drastically increasing its fatality.


Recommended Equipment

Enchanted Kicks + Boomstick + Hecate's Diadem + Berith's Agony + Frosty's Revenge + Holy of Holies 

Equipment Analysis:

Enchanted Kicks strengthens Kahlii’s spell damage and movement speed, improving mobility. Berith’s Agony and Boomstick further increase damage and movement speed. You can then use the passive spell from Hecate’s Diadem to boost the damage, drastically bringing up the overall skill damage when assassinating with a third item. Lastly, use two Holy of Holies, combined with Incorporeal to make her spell damage exceed 3000. Even if enemies force her to a high ground, her great spell damage and continuous Ultimate spell may just take them to a point of no return.


Skills Tips

Formation Strategy: Develop in the mid lane in the early stages. Kahlii’s development is easy due to her passive piercing effects, which inflict relatively high physical damage on enemy soldiers and units. With the effects of the spell strength and movement speed bonuses of Incorporeal, Kahlii has a spell damage of several hundred at level 2. After finishing up a line of soldiers, she can support teammates to catch the next wave of enemy soldiers by using a strengthened Eternal Blame. The combined effects usually inflict great spell damage. Pay attention to the casting direction and enemy support location, so you are not rounded up from the back. 

Group Battle Tips: In the late stages, Kahlii has the ability to inflict great assassin damage. With her ability to wear out enemies from a distance, Grievance can effectively destroy the enemy’s camp from far away. Walk with teammates to avoid Assassin attacks. If teammates are able to control the enemy, she can cast Eternal Blame to inflict some high spell damage. Otherwise, cast traps by judging where the opponents may go. Beware of the enemy’s location when assassinating to avoid attacks from the back. If caught by the enemy, cast Eternal Blame wherever she walks to inflict great damage on the pursuing enemies.