Hero: Taara

Class: Tank

Specialty: Charger/Recover


Skill Analysis

With her powerful passive, Taara gets more fearsome the more she fights. Her damage output is more than a match for other warriors, and she can recover HP after using her Ultimate. This improved damage resistance turns her into a prime tank.

Compared with other tanks, Taara is lacking in crowd control skills. Her only crowd control skill decreases enemy movement speed, so she’s rather dependent on allies to provide crowd control.

Fighting Spirit (Passive): This skill lets Taara deal good damage to enemies even if they have defensive items equipped. Used together with the HP recovery of her Ultimate, Taara can continue outputting damage even while at low HP without being easily killed.

Final Word: Skill 2 may not be as effective as other tank Heroes’ skills at crowd control, but it is superior in area effect. It's useful in pursuit or retreat and makes Taara more than your stereotypical cumbersome tank.

Obliterate: This skill is Taara's main damage output skill, and it can be used to quickly clear minions. It is also used to deal area damage in group battles. Since it has a short cooldown time, it can be used repeatedly in battle.

Steel Body: Taara's Ultimate. It is very effective in recovering HP. Use it to finish off enemies with low HP or rush in and kill enemy Heroes. You can also use her Ultimate to retreat quickly, wait for HP to recover, and then get back into the battle.


Item Suggestions

Mantle of Ra, Sonic Boots, Gaia's Standard, Odin's Will, Shield of the Lost, Crimson Banner

Item Analysis: Taara is used to rush in and disrupt enemy formations during team battles, so the Magic Damage the Mantle of Ra can deal to nearby enemies is well suited for her. An absolute must, Gaia's Standard greatly increases the HP recovery effect of her Ultimate. Its passive HP recovery will have the opponent reeling in frustration. Odin's Will serves to take care of enemy assassins with very high physical attack. These Heroes are generally very squishy, so the damage recoil effect of this item is very effective.


Challenger Skill

Heal: Useful to use during team battles or to save allies with low HP. It offers good protection to your Hero when paired with Gaia's Standard.



Early Game: She can help Raider Heroes early on, or you could farm in lane to level up.

Mid Game: After getting her Ultimate, Taara will absorb more firepower so that she can give teammates a chance to attack. After taking a lot of damage, use her Ultimate to recover. Then use normal attacks and Skill 2 to deal damage.

Late Game: Taara is virtually un-killable in the late game. You can push, but be sure to coordinate with a teammate.