Hero Introduction 

“Strength, the only faith worthy of worship.”

Stubbornness and thirst for power constitute the black magic genius, Mganga. Before the tribe had been established, Mganga once tried to enslave powerful wild monsters to trade with Demons for an even darker magic. But such evil intention ended with strong opposition from priests.

“The weak only surrender to power, while the strong wield the power”

Hero: Mganga

Class: Mage

Features: Poke/Recover


Skills Analysis

Passive skill: Voodoo is very powerful. Firstly, normal attacks will inflict poison damage. Though their effects may be limited in early stages of the game, they are very useful in late stages, and enemies with low HP may accidentally walk into their deaths. Secondly, each normal and passive attack will be multiplied. When the passive skill is fully combined with the Ultimate move, the damage inflicted increases drastically. At the same time, the combined effect will heal the surrounding teammates.

Skill 1, Toxic, has a wide attack range. Even though the damage is not very high, it comes with a healing ability. Beware that it only heals teammates who are fatally inflicted. The cooldown does not last long, but its constant healing ability creates a headache for your enemies. 

Feeling Lucky, Mganga’s second skill, is similar to Toxic in that it will cause damage and heal teammates. Enemies will be hurt upon contact when Feeling Lucky is in effect, effectively limiting their mobility in a battle.

Skill 3, Gas Attack, causes the greatest damage when the passive skill is in full effect. This skill can heal teammates at the same time, but cooldown is short in late stages of the game. If the enemy cannot kill off Mganga immediately, his three skills will continuously restore his teammates’ HP, which is a huge hindrance to the enemy.

Skill Combo: Toxic - normal attack - Feeling Lucky - normal attack - normal attack - Gas Attack (best after five layers of damage)

Challenger Skill Recommendations: Flicker is ideal for Mganga because he usually damages from the rear flanks. Flicker allows him to find a better damaging location in battle. It also helps Mganga dodge fatal attacks at critical moments.


Recommended Equipment

Berith's Agony, Enchanted Kicks, Frosty's Revenge, Apocalypse, The Aegis, Ancestral Glory.

Equipment Analysis:

The overall attributes of Berith's Agony are great for Mganga. It improves the chance of survival in addition to strengthening damaging ability. When Enchanted Kicks is added, fixed Magic Piercing is very high, greatly aiding damage in the early stages. Frosty's Revenge is a must for a functional Mage, which includes Mganga, especially as it provides added HP. Apocalypse gives him more edge, so you don't need to worry about being attacked first. The Aegis provides him with strong armor, so he will not be too weak when dealing with physical Assassin Heroes. The presence of the passive skill also stresses out the opponents. Cooldown is short, but it is damaging and has healing abilities. Ancestral Glory resurrects Mganga, and the come-back damage becomes stronger than ever.



Battle Tips: In the early stages, Mganga may provide an edge for teammates when traveling with them. Because of his skills, he usually maintains a healthy HP. In group battles, Mganga does not have to be on the front lines; instead, he can cast spells from the rear flanks. In the late stages, he inflicts a lot of damage and can easily take out any opponent with lower HP. Before a group battle, you can use Mganga's skills to heal your teammates and maintain a healthy HP level so that they can continually take out the enemy. 

Hero Tips: It is best to obtain the Sage Buff, so that Mganga’s HP can be continuously restored. This also reduces the number of trips he has to make to the towns. Mganga’s Ultimate skill works best after five layers of Voodoo, so quickly overlapping the passive skill before using Gas Attack is the smartest move.