Hero: Gildur

Role: Tank

Specialty: Crowd Control/Herald


Skill Analysis

Passive: Generally used to start off combos. While using skills, throw in some normal attacks to create a shield for yourself and deal damage. This helps Gildur escape battles when he is really low on HP.

Skill 1 (Siege): A charge that can be used to initiate attacks and then control enemies. It can also be used as a great means for an escape.

Skill 2 (Miser): A long range AoE crowd control skill. This skill deals great damage and is a great assist tool. It can be used to initiate attacks in group battles or to harass enemies. It can also be used to help teammates pursue and gank enemies. Spend your skill points here.

Skill 3 (Debauchery): This skill has a large crowd control area. It gives Gildur strong assist capabilities during group battles.

Skill Combo: Use Skill 1 to rush behind enemies, then follow up with Skill 2 for crowd control. Mix in normal attacks to deal damage and make shields for yourself. Finally, use your Ultimate. Coordinate with teammates to kill impaired enemies.

Challenger Skill Suggestion: Execution. While supporting teammates, Gildur's powerful skill effects are amplified with Execution. They can more effectively assist allies in getting kills.


Recommended Equipment

Mantle of Ra+Flashy Boots+Gaia's Standard+The Aegis+Shield the Lost+Crimson Banner

Item Analysis: Mantle of Ra is very well suited for Gildur. Its HP boost helps his survivability, and its area damage increases Gildur's push capabilities. The Boots are used to increase movement speed and decrease cooldown. The Aegis is mainly used to increase defense, Magic Attack, and to decrease skill cooldown time. It also allows Gildur to harass for longer during laning.



After the fourth hit of Gildur’s normal attack, use Siege to get behind enemies. Then use a normal attack to push them back. This can be used for kills and control during team battles. His Ultimate and Skill 2 mesh together well, allowing Gildur to perform better in team play. His Ultimate can be easily interrupted so stick close to your team.