Hero: The Frenzy Ormarr

Role: Warrior

Specialty: Crowd Control/Charger


Skill Analysis

Ormarr's passive skill allow his damage a chance to stun enemies, which is the root of his powerful crowd control. Petrification can occur from normal attacks or skills. You'll have the enemy rage quitting in no time!

Skill 1 is a charge skill which does well with the passive so that you can squeeze the life out of enemies.

Skill 2 knocks enemies back, which really is just icing on the cake for this berserker that already excels in crowd control. Be sure to level up this skill.

With his Ultimate, Ormarr spins with weapons in hand to stun enemies. Use Skill 1 to cut into the enemy formation and then use your Ultimate. They'll be dead in no time.

Skill Combo: Skill 1 can cut into enemy formations, Skill 2 sends them flying for effective crowd control, and the Ultimate reaps their heads.


Challenger Skill Recommendation:

Execute. Ormarr is more of a tank. Though called a fighter, his damage is kind of lacking. Use Execute in group battles to support teammates and pick up kills.


Recommended Equipment

Mantle of Ra,Odin's Will,Sonic Boots,Crimson Banner,Gaia's Standard,Ancestral Glory

Item Analysis: Mantle of Ra increases HP and survivability, while the passive can destroy enemies. This makes up for his poor attack. Odin's Will increases Attack and HP, while its passive "Deterrence" helps Ormarr become even more savage in duels. Sonic Boots increases defense, and its passive decreases normal attacks from archers and assassins, giving Ormarr higher survivability. Crimson Banner increases his HP and recovers HP after kills/assists. You can keep fighting without wasting time by having to return to base when low on HP. Gaia's Standard increases Magic Defense and regeneration, very important in the late game. Ancestral Glory helps with Ormarr's HP. After charging into the enemy formation and using your Ultimate, you can revive if you take too much damage. Get back into the battle, keep fighting, and clinch victory!



Keep farming to level up in the early game. Take the bottom lane. Raiders usually go for the Might buff and then gank in the mid and bottom lanes. The Might buff decreases enemy movement speed, which pairs nicely with your petrification effect. They can be used in tandem to pin down enemies, for an easy First Blood. If the Raider doesn't come to your lane, you can harass. Then charge in and use Skill 2 to send enemies flying. You can start ganking in the middle lane after Level 4. It's best to go with a friendly unit to protect their damage output. Your crowd control skills create fantastic conditions for allies to deal damage.

Use Skill 1 in group battles to enter, then use Skill 2 to slow the enemies, and give allies a chance to attack. You can use your Ultimate to keep moving and knock around enemies. Ormarr is used for starting group attacks. His crowd control skills are very powerful, so he can create tons of opportunities for your team.