Hello Warrior!

We have seen how hard you battled to move to a higher position throughout the season in an onslaught of ranked matches: the place where the epic players become the MVP. We are leaving behind another season on October 31st, and we are entering a brand new ranked match season: Season 4! We are sure that you will appreciate the new season prizes!

-Ranking System for AoV

On the ranked match section, you will gain ranks based on your wins and losses! Winning a game will give you a star. Once you gain enough stars, you’ll climb up within your rank tier. When your tier increases enough, you’ll gain a new rank! Losing a match will also cause you to lose a star. Ranks for AoV are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master (top 50 within Master are Conquerers).

-Season Rewards

It takes great courage and power to battle each season in ranked matches. This courage and power should be rewarded. Players reaching certain levels during the season will earn awesome rewards!

You can earn Gems that can get you free lucky draw spins, hero packages and more! The amount of Gems awarded are based on your rank when S3 ends! Also, reaching gold during S3 will automatically earn you the season skin reward.

Good news! We have a new skin reward prepared for Season 4: Ascended Zanis!

Once you reach goldon Season 4, you will get this skindirectly! No need to wait for season end.
-What Will Happen for S4?


We knew that you are well prepared for Season 4. The season will lastfor 3 months, so gather your team and fightwell! Gem rewards will increase as your rank increases! There will be in-game events about ranked matches too.


Good luck on crushing your opponents on battleground!