July Patch Note

2019-07-15 18:37:07

Dear Challenger,

Arena Valor is getting an official server update on July 16, and we're bringing changes to hero balance, pre-match building and battlefield mechanics. We're hoping that these changes will make matches even more dynamic and balanced for a better playing experience.

A. Overview

A new chapter has begun! The dark lord has returned, threatening to engulf the world in darkness. Andura crystals appear in masse from the ground, and the forces of light have been driven to the brink. As the world of Athanor changes, we have taken another step forward with our visual design, and introducing the new Enchantment system for an even richer gaming experience.

B. New Version

1. Battlefield 3.0

Improved dynamic lighting delivers a superior visual experience across all graphic quality settings without any performance impact. An additional level of graphics setting enables even more detailed battlefields through [Settings > Graphics].

2. Refreshed Interface

A refreshed interfaced with a brand new logo and color combinations for a simple and clear layout that is both attractive and practical.

3. Enchantments

The return of Volkath has caused an explosive growth in Andura crystals. Opportunistic mages are now harnessing its energy to create Enchantments with various effects.

The new Enchantment system delivers a brand-new experience and increased strategic depth, for an even richer and more dynamic gaming experience.

1. Enchantments Overview

  • The Enchantment system is a pre-match feature aimed at 5V5 Standard and Ranked matches
  • The Enchantments are fully unlocked at Lv.5, ensuring an even playing field.

2. Enchantment Structure

There are 4 Enchantment masteries, corresponding to the four major factions of Athanor: Lokheim, Veda, Afata and League of Humans.

  • They each correspond to different build class skills: Warrior/Assassin, Marksman/Mage, Tank/Support and creative strategies.

  • Each Enchantment primary mastery has a T3 core Enchantment skill, which has the greatest effect on the equipped hero. This is what determines the mastery that you pick.

  • Each hero must pick a primary mastery and a core Enchantment.
  • Once you have chosen a primary mastery, the other 3 masteries become secondary options. You can choose one of them as your secondary and have a T1 and T2 Enchantment from it, or choose two secondary masteries and have a T1 Enchantment from both.


Enchantments can improve heroes' abilities. Set them up outside of matches and use their skills in matches.


Each Enchantment has 5 skill slots on its Page. 

Pages are bound to their hero. Each hero has 3 Pages. Configure Pages outside matches and choose the page to use as you choose your hero.

Each Page has 3 primary mastery Enchantments and 2 secondary mastery Enchantments.

Choose from the four following masteries: Veda, Afata, Lokheim, League of Humans, each corresponding to different classes.

After you choose your primary mastery, you can 2 normal Enchantments and a Core Enchantment. The core Enchantment from your primary mastery is the most powerful.

Your secondary mastery must be different from your primary mastery, and only normal Enchantments are available from secondary masteries.

Click below for more information on Enchantments:

Enchantment System Launched!


4. Arcana Update


1. Unified naming system with no change in attributes

The updated Arcana system will have a unified naming scheme. Level 3 Arcana attributes and names will remain unchanged; only Level 1 and 2 Arcana will have their attributes and names tweaked. We are also adding some Level 1 and 2 Arcana to ensure that Arcana names and attributes match across all 3 levels.

2. All slots unlocked

All Arcana slots are unlocked when the feature is unlocked at Lv.7. They are no longer unlocked one by one.

3. Upgrade Arcana with Arcana Fragments

All players will receive a free set of Lv. 1 Arcana, with 10 Arcana from each of the 30 types for a total of 300.

Spend Arcana Fragments or Gold to upgrade Lv. 1 Arcana to Lv. 2, and Lv. 2 Arcana to Lv. 3.

4. Dismantle and reset unneeded Arcana to get Arcana Fragments

Arcana is no longer sold for Gold. You can equip up to 10 Arcana of the same name at a time across Lv. 1/Lv. 2/Lv. 3 in total. Excess Arcana can now be dismantled into Arcana Fragments at a lesser loss.

You can also reset excess Arcana from Lv. 2/Lv. 3 back to Lv. 1, which returns the same amount of Arcana Fragments as dismantling.

5. New default Arcana builds

8 common Arcana builds will be preset to corresponding heroes. When you use the hero for the first time, you can choose the default recommended preset for the hero.

6. Copy Top Player and Popular Arcana builds with one click

View builds from the top players and popular builds among highly ranked players, and copy them with a tap to your own Arcana page to automatically select the highest level Arcana available to you.

5.Placement tweaks

Placement match algorithm has been tweaked so that your results in a new season's placement match is more accurately reflected in your rank placement. We will continue to improve star rewards in placement matches. Additional stars are awarded or penalized based on range of classes used, MVPs, AFK or reported dishonest behavior.

6. Season reset

S11 is about to start, introducing a new tier "Veteran". Rank carry-over details as follows:

7. Battle tweaks

Layout tweak

Not only does the Battlefield 3.0 update improve on battlefield visuals, we have also tweaked the layout of blue buff jungle, addressing the issue that it was too easy to invade, resulting in one-sided matches too early in the game, while adding a small monster resource to both side lanes, improving the fairness of resource distribution on the flanks and optimizing the battle experience.

1. Blue buff jungle layout tweak

We felt that the blue buff jungle is currently too easy to invade in the early game, resulting in a severe jungling disadvantage to the other side. We have tweaked its layout to increase the advantage to the defender.

In addition, under the current layout, the red side's Marksman has an additional monster resource near the sides in the Dragon lane. Therefore, we have moved the monsters near the middle of the blue buff jungle towards the sides, so that both the Slayer lane and the Dragon lane have monster resources near the sides, improving fairness.

The monster and layout tweaks have been done with an eye towards keeping pacing up to Lv.4 and overall efficiency consistent with pre-update. We're hoping that these changes will improve the overall experience.

2. Red buff jungle brush tweak

The brush area in the red buff jungle near the high ground gives the attacker too much of an advantage and forces the defender to be reactive when defending tower 2 and core tower. We have moved the brush to even things out a little for the two sides.

Other battlefield tweaks

1.Team EXP for killing Abyssal Dragon reduced by 250 for all stages

2.Max wait time before Drake can be summoned: 90s -> 60s

3.Drake damage vs. tower reduced to 35+0.12AD

4.Removed the 10% income penalty when there is an enemy lane at the outher tower

5.Lane Gold income growth per 30s: 4%->3.5%, cap of 175% unchanged

6.Kill Gold at Lv.4-7: 200->175

7.Base tower PDEF/MDEF: 200->250

8.Abyssal corrosion penalty to hero damage: 60%->50%

9.Drake boost to lanes: Attack bonus 10%->15%, HP bonus 15%->20%

10.BUFF and monster base HP increase: 4500->5000,3000->3250

11.Lane HP growth per 30s changed to 6.5% after 10 min and 10% after 19.5min, final HP growth cap is 450%

Mayhem Mode (10v10):

1.Dragon MDMG immunity buff duration: 90s->60s

2.Drake damage vs. tower increased by 20%


8. Hero balance tweaks


Sephera, the Water Ascendant

Skill 1: Water Spirits

Movement speed reduction: 50% -> 4>(30-50)%<4

Mana cost: 50-75 ->60-85

Cooldown: 5 ->6-5


Ignis, the Anointed One

Skill1: Fire Crash

Magic Damage: 300/340/380/420/460/500(+0.4AP) -> 325/365/405/445/485/525(+0.45AP)

Skill 2: Rain of Fire

Cooldown: 10/9.4/8.8/8.2/7.6/7s -> 9/8.6/8.2/7.8/7.4/7s


Diaochan, The Crystal Lotus

[Designer's View] Diaochan has always been a difficult hero to use. The long recoil time affects her survivability and continuous damage output. We have improved the feel of her skill 1 and 2, improving her matchup against other heroes and allowing her to adjust position between skill uses.

With disabling skills becoming increasingly prevalent, Diaochan's ultimate makes her a sitting duck as she is immobile while casting it. Without changing this characteristic, we have given her a shield against skills which reduces the chance of Blizzard being interrupted, while improving survivability against Assassins.

Passive: Ice Queen

Gain a frost shield if no damage was taken in the past 7 seconds. The shield protects Diaochan the next time she would be dealt damage by a hero, and gives temporary immunity to damage and disabling effects.

Skill 1: Chilling Frost

Frost bind effect removed.

Total recoil time: 0.5s to 0.35s.

Skill 2: Diamond Dust

Total recoil time: 0.6s to 0.4s.

Skill 2 damage: 288(+36/lv)(+0.7AP) -> 300(+40/lv)(+0.65AP)

Original passive skill moved to skill 2: Deals an additional 200(+40/lv)(+0.45AP) MDMG to frozen enemies. Damage increases with skill 2 level.


D'Arcy, The Archmagus

[Designer's View] D'Arcy's skill 2 is not sufficiently reliable without his ultimate, while his skill 1 is far too powerful, combining too many useful effects with high damage. We have increased the AOE of his skill 2, increasing its chance to hit, while reducing the protective ability of skill 1 and offsetting it with skill 1 and skill 3 damage.

Skill 1: Dimensional Walk

DMG Reduction: Fixed at 30%

Magic Damage: 330(+80/Lv)(+0.5AP) ->400(+100/lv)(+0.65AP)

Normal attack range boost: 8m -> 7.5m

Slow effect: 60% for 1s -> 40% for 1s

Skill 2: Dimensional Cube

Base AOE radius: 2.5m ->2.8m

Base Damage: 800(+80/Lv)(+1.85AP) ->750(+70/lv)(+1.65AP)

Skill 3: Dimensional Portal

Hit Damage: 100(+50/Lv)(+0.4AP) ->200(+100/lv)(+0.55AP)

Teleport Damage: 200(+150/Lv)(+1.0AP) ->300(+150/lv)(+1.1AP)

Cooldown: 45/40/35 -> 40/36/32


Tulen, The Pure

[Designer's View] In the current high-paced metagame, Tulen's powerful lane-clearing ability gives him far more mobility than other mages, making him a very popular choice in competitive matches for the middle lane. We've increased skill 2's early-game charge time and reduced his passive damage against monsters, limiting his lane-clearing advantages without eliminating them.

Passive: Thunderclap

Thunder deals 75% damage non-hero units.

Skill 2: Lightning Strike

Charge Time: 10/9.6/9.2/8.8/8.4/8 ->12/11/10/9/8/7



[Designer's View] Longer attack range gives Mganga more breathing room.

Passive: Voodoo

Normal attack range: 6.6 ->6.8m

Skill 1: Toxic

Range: 7 ->7.5m

Lauriel, The Archangel

Base Movement Speed: 340->350


Capheny, the Gunner

Capheny's Life Steal gain is 2/3 that of other Marksman


Yorn, the Hotshot

Passive: Fierce Shot

Fixed a bug with normal attack calling 10v10 track

Skill 2: Heavenly Barrage

AOE radius: 5m->4.5m


Tel’Annas, the Ageless

[Designer's View] We improved Tel’Annas' lane-clearing ability, and moved the speed-up effect to the more frequently used skill 2 to give her more breathing room.

Skill 1: Eagle Eye

Magic Damage: 50/58/66/74/82/90(+0.55AD) -> 55/62/69/76/83/90(0.52AD)

Slow effect per tier: 6%->4%


Violet, the Pistol Assassin

Skill 1: Tactical Fire

Cooldown: 5 -> 4.5


Fennik, Vulpis Ignis

Attack Speed Growth: 2%-3%

Base Movement Speed: 350->360

Passive: Hidden Weapons

Every third normal attack deals an additional 0.5 AD Physical Damage to the target and nearby enemies, including buildings (0.75AD to monsters and minions). Additional damage may be critical damage.

Skill 1: Thief's Mark

Fixed a bug where S1 base value does not grow with skill level


Hayate, the Ghostwalker

[Designer's View] Hayate was too effective against lanes, and the blink ability of his skill 2 and ultimate made him too flexible tactically. We have weakened his skill 1 lane-clearing efficiency and ultimate cooldown time to bring his growth rate in line with other heroes.

Skill 1: Shuriken Toss

Physical Damage: 125-225(+0.3AD)-> 125-225(+0.25AD)

Skill 2: Shadowstep

Cooldown: 6-5 -> 8-6


Valhein, the Demon Hunter

[Designer's View] In the new update, Valhein's dual-boost benefits considerably more from Enchantments that increase both AD and AP. We have tweaked his base damage to keep his final damage reasonable.

Base Attack: 178->173

Passive: Pocket Glaive

Red Glaive: 80(+10/lv))(+1.0AD)(+0.65AP)-> 75(+9/lv)(+1.15AD)(+0.65AP)

Blue Glaive: 80(+10/lv)(+0.6AD)(+0.55AP)-> 75(+9/lv)(+0.75AD)(+0.55AP)

Yellow Glaive: 80(+10/lv)(+0.6AD)(+0.55AP)-> 75(+9/lv)(+0.75AD)(+0.55AP)


Kahlii, The Aspect of Vengeance

[Designer's View] Like Valhein, 4>Valhein dual-boost benefits considerably more from Enchantments that increase both AD and AP. We have tweaked her base damage to keep her normal attack damage reasonable.

Base Attack: 167->162

Max, the Wunderkind

Skill 2: Smooth Moves

Adds a minimum interval to prevent consecutive casting


Slimz, the Trustworthy

Skill 1: Flying Spear

Cooldown: 10 -> 10-8

Skill 3: Savage Potion

Movement Speed increase: 20% ->30%


Taara, the War Hammer

Passive: Fighting Spirit

Loses 5%/10% current HP when using a normal attack skill/Ultimate, and recover 6% of HP lost in 3s.


Arum, The Conjurer

[Designer's View] Arum works a little too well with the "Visceral Boost" Enchantment, allowing her to jungle unchecked at Lv.2. We've balanced her strength throughout the match so that she's more manageable with Visceral Boost without affecting her overall strength.

Passive: Ravenous Beasts

Magic Damage: 60(+0.5AP)(+3% target max HP) -> 25-95(+0.5AP)(+3% target max HP)

Heal: 60(+0.4AP)(+3% own max HP)-> 20-90(+0.4AP)(+3% own max HP)

Skill 1: Lion Tamer

Magic Damage: 250-500(+0.4AP)-> 200-500(+0.4AP)

Cooldown: 5->5-4


Maloch, The Merciless

[Designer's View] Maloch's cooldown has fallen behind the metagame, so we've reduced the cooldown of his skill 2 and 3, and given him a cooldown reduction boost when his ultimate hits a hero.

Skill 2: Souleater

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8/7 ->10-7

Skill 3: Shock

When an enemy hero is knocked away, refresh Cleave cooldown

Cooldown: 60/50/40->50/45/40


Florentino, the Gentle Blade

Skill 3: Gentlemen's Duel

Damage Reduction: 50% ->30%


Lu Bu, The Great Warlord

Skill 1: Adrenaline

Recoil for stage 1 and 2 reduced by 0.05s, distance increased by 0.25m


Airi, the Kunoichi

Skill 1: Spin

Physical Damage: 200/275/350/425/500/575(+1.1AD) ->250/320/390/460/530/600(+1.2AD)

Cooldown: 8s ->7s

Skill 2: Shadow

Cooldown: 10/9.4/8.8/8.2/7.6/7 ->9-6.5


Veres, The Thorn

[Designer's View] Veres' ultimate had a 10s Enrage effect when it kills a hero, while her passive reduces skill cooldown when hitting a hero. This forces players into a decision as to whether to unleash the ultimate now or to wait for a killable target. We want to encourage players to use the skill more regularly and take advantage of the passive cooldown boost, so we've tweaked the trigger mechanism so that it lasts 6s per hit, plus an additional 2s for every additional hero hit.

Skill 1: Bloody Fangs

Physical damage per hit: 125(+50/lv)(+0.75AD)-> 150(+50)(+0.8AD)

Skill 3: Venom

Triggers 4s Enrage when a hero is it (10s on kill) -> 6s when a hero is hit plus 2s per additional hero


Wukong, The Monkey King

Base crit chance: 15% -> 12%


9. Equipment tweaks


Bow of Slaughter

Price: 2330 ->2300

Crit chance: 20% -> 15%



Leviathan and Mantle of Ra's Burn effect do not stack

Loki's Curse and Apocalypse's Curse effect do not stack


10. Bug fixes and other improvements

1.Fixed an issue where Fennik's ultimate sometimes did not deal damage

2.Fixed an issue where Veera's skill 1 effect was sometimes not visible from enemy POV

3.Fixed a bug where Enzo's skill 2 could be recast without cooldown when it expires

4.Fixed a bug where Enzo's ultimate passive would be triggered when he reaches Lv.4 and learns his ultimate

5.Fixed a bug with incorrect effect on ranged heroes when using Hercules' Madness

6.Fixed a bug where Veera's skill 1 effect was sometimes not visible from enemy POV

7.Improved the handling of Violet, Toro and Krixi

8.New hero image and art for Violet, Lu Bu, Diaochan, Zanis and Mganga

9.Updated lobby and match effects for Lauriel and other heroes

10.Updated lobby and match models for Valhein and other heroes

11.Fixed an issue where The Flash's ultimate location and damage effect did not match

10V10 bug fixes

1.Fixed an issue where a direction could not be selected for Yorn's ultimate when his passive is triggered

2.Fixed a bug where Maloch's skill 1 range would become reduced

3.Fixed a stuttering issue with Tulen's 10V10 ultimate

4.Fixed a bug where Kahlii's 10V10 normal attack sometimes did not deal damage at very close range

5.Fixed a bug with Violet's 10V10 skill 1 movement

6.Fixed some description issues with 10V10 and inconsistency between indicator and actual damage

7.Fixed a bug with Moren's normal attack not refreshing skill 1 buff in 10v10