September Patch Note

2019-09-26 15:13:34

Dear Challenger,

Arena Valor is getting an official update on Sep. 25th, and we're bringing changes to hero balanceing, pre-match preparation and battlefield mechanics. We're hoping that these changes will make matches even more dynamic and balanced for a better experience.


Ishar: Hi guys! I am Ishar, and as part of my internship at the Magister's Council I'll be handling new version announcements for Arena of Valor with my trusty assistant, Furball!

Furball: Purr!

New version “Eternal Pact” is now live! While the Lord of Darkness plots from within the Abyss, the forces of light are preparing for the inevitable showdown. Meanwhile, the common folks of Athanor are looking forward to the Festival of the Holy Fire, oblivious to the impending clash. New features include Volkath, a new hero, a Smart Ping System, Hero Stories and Encyclopedia of Athanor, allowing you to learn more about the heroes and the world they live in!


Hero Stories

Ishar: The new Hero Stories feature let you learn more about your favorite heroes as you develop your relationship with them. Form an [Eternal Pact] to get a special message from your hero.

Furball (excited): Whee!

Ishar: Some heroes have been updated with special stories, with more to come!

The first group of heroes to get their individual stories are: Veera, Violet, Butterfly, Marja, Maloch, Murad, Hayate, Ilumia, Nakroth, Yena, Tulen, Enzo, Tel'Annas, Omen, Liliana, Riktor, Errol, D'Arcy.

Their profiles, relationship charts, biographies and anecdotes have been added as well, bringing you heroes that are more true-to-life than ever. Want to know more about your heroes' pasts? Improve your Synergy with them to unlock new stories!

Go to Hero Stories from the Heroes page

Ishar: Yena is as popular as ever!

Furball: Mmm!


Synergy: Improve Synergy to unlock hero stories by playing 5v5 standard and ranked matches or buying skins.



Encyclopedia of Athanor


Athanor, a world with a rich history and many legends, is revealed in full for the first time.

Tap Liliana on the main screen to go to the Encyclopedia of Athanor and learn more about the four major factions, their home regions and heroes.


Ishar: My school is in Carano, in the eastern regions of the Kingdom of Norman.



Smart Ping System


Ishar: Here's a message from the development team about the new Smart Ping System introduced with this update!

First, I would like to thank all our players for their continued support.

We're going to introduce a brand-new feature when the latest beta goes live - the Smart Ping System. This is a unique design that hasn’t really been seen before, which means there are going to be a few rough edges that need to be polished.

We would appreciate your feedback and opinion, whether positive or negative, and we will do our best to stay on top of the comments in public channels such as YouTube and Facebook.

Your opinions mean a lot to us as we continue to strive for improvements.

Thank you.

System Overview

The "Map" button, which previously could only be opened using the magnifying glass on the left side, has been moved to the top-right corner, while the "Dance" button has been integrated into the "Message" button. We have also made improvements to the "!" button, making it even more versatile.

Furball (excited): Yay!

Ishar: Very useful for Furball!

  • Tap the "Map" button to open up the minimap and access a variety of possible signals.


When fighting in the middle lane, tap the middle lane to send a “middle lane miss”, which means enemies are missing/have disappeared, or indicate the number of enemies there.

Tap the location that you are headed to on the minimap to let your teammates know your ETA.

Drag the "!" button to your skill icon to let your teammates know the cooldown time remaining on your Ultimate.

Drag the "!" button to a brush to warn your teammates about a potential ambush.

Ishar: We added a total of 123 new signals and tons of new content, and we hope that you will join us in making it even better!


Improved Quick Chat

We've added new Quick Chat messages to allow players to communicate more effectively in a match. View the new messages in [Settings] - [Quick Chat]. Tap [Edit] to add them to your list of Quick Chat messages in a match.


You take the buff

Turtle and grow

Let's split up

My bad

Don't worry

Nice one

Attack enemy jungle

We're still in this

I screwed up

Hang in there, I got this


Furball: #@&*%...

Ishar: What's that? "Hang in there, I got this"?



Legendary Power Improvements


  1. Legendary Power Leaderboard now lists the top 50 players rather than the top 99.
  2. Each tier has a different power requirement: the Novice leaderboard requires 2,000 power, the Adept leaderboard requires 3,000 power, and the Expert leaderboard requires 4,000 power.
  3. Power calculation algorithm has been adjusted to reduce the weighting of the two previous seasons, emphasizing performance this season.

This change will result in hero power rating being reduced across the board, and make Legendary Titles much more meaningful as an indicator of hero strength. Keep an eye out for future updates that would also allow you to record your legendary titles!



Credibility Score Improvements

In addition to penalizing players with low Credibility Score, we also encourage players to maintain a high Credibility Score. We are introducing Credibility Levels in the new version; players can earn Credibility EXP by playing 5v5 Grand Battle or Ranked Matches with max Credibility Score and increase their Credibility Level. The higher a player's Credibility Level, the more perks they enjoy, including exclusive titles!

Infractions will result in Credibility Level being lowered, and there is a daily cap to how much Credibility Score can be gained, increasing the penalty of infractions. We hope that this will make players approach each match with greater care.



No change in Credibility Score gain/loss mechanics.

Credibility Levels range from 0 to 5.

Reach a new level to unlock corresponding perks.


Level Up Rules

Play a 5v5 Grand Battle or Ranked Mode with 100 Credibility Score to gain Credibility EXP.

Each match gives 2 Credibility EXP.

Play 4 consecutive matches at 100 Credibility Score and earn an additional 10 Credibility EXP.


Level Down

Your Credibility Level is reduced by 1 if your Credibility Score drops below 80. This penalty will only trigger once per week.

Your Credibility Level is reduced by 1 for every 3 confirmed infraction reports, then the counter resets.

Your Credibility Level is reduced by 1 if you have 4 infractions in a single week.

Penalties from different sources may be triggered simultaneously.

When you lose a level, you also lose all Credibility EXP accumulated for the current level.


Starting Level

When the new Credibility system goes live, you will gain Credibility Level based on your current Credibility Score.

Less than 90: Lv.0

90-95: Lv.1

96-99: Lv.2

100: Lv.3


Ranked Mode Proficiency Tweak

We announced a while back that heroes at Apprentice-proficiency would no longer be usable in Draft Mode, a change that was positively received by many players, and encouraging many players to increase their hero Proficiency.

We have therefore decided to formally disable Apprentice-proficiency heroes in ranked Draft Mode. Apprentice-proficiency heroes cannot be chosen when selecting heroes, and they cannot be traded with teammates. 5v5 ranked matches are not subject to this restriction. In the event that there are not enough heroes, a small number of heroes will be unlocked at random as backup.

Ishar: Practice your heroes in Match Mode to get enough heroes with Expert proficiency!


Other Improvements

  1. In-match button positions can now be customized. Go to [Settings] - [Interface] - [Customize in-match button position] to change the layout of skill buttons.You can also reset button layout to default in [Settings] - [Interface].
  2. Current season results added to Ranked Match Records.
  3. New chat log feature, accessible via a tab on the chat window.
  4. New Recommended equipment layouts accessible in the hero selection screen, created by top players.
  5. Adjusted matching algorithm in Ranked Match lane selection. The system will attempt to match single-lane players who participate in lane selection together, and 2-lane/3-lane players together.
  6. New Features

         Poster and skin switching: Poster is shown by default. Download hero/skin 3D model to switch.



Lane Monster AI Changes


We made some changes to AI pathfinding in lanes, making it smarter, mitigating certain issues with uneven lanes and fixing some bugs with lane AI.

Monster AI bug fix:

Fixed a sliding issue when monsters attack at max range.

10v10 Hero Tweaks

The 10v10 mode has proved to be highly popular players, and we will be introducing new 10v10 heroes to give players more choices. We have also buffed some underperforming 10v10 heroes to improve their performance in battle.

New heroes: Ilumia, Ormarr, Elsu, Lindis, TeeMee, Omega

Buffed heroes: Arduin, Zephys, Batman, Cresht, Nakroth

Hero Model Changes

Ishar: Some heroes have new models in this update. Don't they look cool?

  1. New models and skins for Max and Raz
  2. New skin effects and model for Lu Bu

Hero Balance Tweaks


Diaochan, The Crystal Lotus


Diamond Dust

Charge time: 9/8.6/8.2/7.8/7.4/7 ->11(-0.4/LV)



Armor bonus: 600 ->300

Ultimate slowdown: 30%->20%


Zip, The Speed Demon

HP growth: 388 ->352.5

Zip Hex

Magic damage: 350-700(+0.5AP) ->200-600(+0.5AP)

Remove Daze

Zip Angry

Mana cost: 60-85 ->125-150

Zip Roll

Duration: 6s ->4s

Mana cost: 100-110 ->150-200

Movement speed decay increased, rebound needed to accelerate

CD recharge 20%-5%


Errol, The Tainted

HP growth: 327.5->352.5

Passive: Redeploy

Max Armor/Magic Defense reduction: 30% ->15%


Hayate, the Ghostwalker

Base range: 7m->6.75m

Passive: Blood of the Dragon

True Damage: 74-130(+0.25AD)-> 72-100(+0.20AD)


Hilda, the Brawler

Base ATK: 178

Passive: Ballistics

Each tier increases crit chance by 3% and ATK by 8, irrespective of form

Duration: 1.5s ->2s

Proximity Mine

Slow effect: 50% ->30%


Cooldown: 16(-2/lv)s -> 32(-4/lv)s


Florentino, the Gentle Blade

Passive: Lunge

Physical damage: 80(+8/lv)(+125% of bonus AD) ->80(+8/lv)(+110% of bonus AD)

Temporary attack damage increase: 20% ->10%


Enzo, Heretic's Bane


Fixed a bug with skill range, actual range from 10.5 m -> 8.5 m

Dusk Light

Cooldown: 2.5-2->3.5-2.5


Zill, The Tempest

Skill 1: Wind Blade

Cooldown: 8/7.5/7/6.5/6/5.5 -> 6

Skill 3: Tornado

First attack inflicts Silence for 1 sec.

Cooldown: 35/30/25-->45/40/35


Zephys, The Doomspear

Skill 1: Death Rift

Movement speed reduction: 25%->40%

Skill 2: Death's Flurry

Heal 35/39/43/47/51/55(+0.14 x AD) HP when a target is hit


Peura, Guardian of the Glade

Passive: Riposte

Movement speed reduction: 90%->60%

Skill 1: Healing Light

Heal per sec: 80(+25/Lv)(+0.1AP)(+7% of HP lost by target)->75(+25/Lv)(+0.1AP)(+6% of HP lost by target)


Quillen, Purifying Blade

Skill 1: Mutilate

Physical Damage: 175/200/225/250/275/300(+0.5 AD)->175/200/225/250/275/300(+0.38 AD)


Nakroth, The Executioner's Blade

Jury Fury

Cooldown: 9.6-5.6 ->10-6.5

Death Sentence

Cooldown: 5 ->6


Maloch, The Merciless


When 4 units are drawn, causes 4600/800/1000/1200/1400/1600(2.8AD) shield---> when 3 units are drawn, causes 600/810/1020/1230/1440/1650(2.7AD) shield


Removed: When an enemy hero is knocked away, refresh Cleave cooldown

Added: Cause Enchant on hit. If already Enchanted, deal True Damage.


Wiro, The 212 Warrior

Passive: 212 Pinnacle

PDEF and MDEF reduction on self: 25% ->10%

212 Pummel

Additional damage: 100(+40/lv)(+0.15AD)

Charge time: 3s -> 5s


Tulen, The Pure


Magic damage: 360(+90/lv)(+0.54AP) -> 400(+100/lv)(+0.6AP)

If enemy hero dies before being hit by the Thunderbird, reduce cooldown by 80%


Natalya, The Nether Queen

Arcane Spirits

+1m range, speed 12->13 m/s

Cost: 70+5/lv -> 60+5/lv

Arcane Nova

+1m range

Cost: 80+10/lv -> 70+10/lv

Lethal Rays

Cost: 120+20/lv ->100+20/lv


Qi, Dragon's Bane

Dragon's Bane

Fixed a bug that caused knockback area to rear to be smaller than expected.

Knockback distance no longer reduced by Resistance.


Xeniel, The Immaculate


Temporarily invincible while leaping.


Fennik, Vulpis Ignis

Passive: Hidden Weapons

Normal attack range: 7.5->7.25

Thief's Mark

Range: 7.5->7.25

Chain Hammer Cyclone

Cooldown: 35/30/25-->45/40/35


Equipment Tweaks


Ring of the Fiend

Active skill reveal range: 12m->10m

Reveal duration: 4s->2s


Purifying Bracers

Control effect dispel area: 4m->5m

New ability: Nearby allies become immune to control effects for 0.5s


Loki's Curse

Normal attack AP bonus after skill is used: 0.45AP->0.6AP



Crit chance: 12%->16%


Holy Summoner

Spirit armor pierce: 15% ->100 fixed

Fixed a bug where the last normal attack by the Spirit before it disappeared did not deal damage.


Sacred Protection

Removed 50% movement speed bonus when triggered

Magic life steal: 15%->20%

Fixed a bug where magic life steal effect disappeared after shield is broken


Visceral Boost

You spawn at Lv. 2 and gain an additional 50% natural EXP bonus until Lv. 8. While this bonus is active, Gold and EXP gains from lanes and monsters are reduced by half.

Changed to: You gain 50% natural EXP bonus until Lv. 8, but Gold and EXP gains from lanes and monsters are reduced by half.


Explosive Shield

Fixed a bug where Explosive Shield inflicted Daze against towers.


Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  1. Fixed a bug with unintended spinning effects associated with the movement skills of heroes such as Nakroth and Ryoma
  2. Fixed a bug with Enzo's ability 2 where its range was clearly longer than indicated
  3. Improved the feel of Enzo's ability 1 chaining into normal attack
  4. Fixed a display bug when Omen and Annette used their ultimate at the same time
  5. Fixed a bug where Joker's ability 2 could interrupt D'Arcy's ultimate
  6. Fennik's ultimate now has a short cooldown to prevent accidental presses
  7. Fixed a stuttering issue with Veres' weapon animation
  8. Fixed a bug where Skud dying did not interrupt ultimate
  9. Fixed a bug where Zip's ability 2 did not interrupt Recall
  10. Fixed a bug where Zip's ability 2 did not cost mana when it's interrupted by dragging to the cancel area
  11. Fixed a bug where Annette could use her ultimate while trapped by Baldum's ultimate
  12. Fixed a bug where the Guardian effect could be lost after leaving the initial area
  13. Fixed a bug where you could see enemies hidden in bushes when Show avatars for available targets is enabled.
  14. New cross-month sign-in rewards
  15. Fixed a bug where you could see enemies hidden in bushes when Show avatars for available targets is enabled
  16. New share images for 9 kills and 10 kills in 10v10
  17. Moren's Workshop - earn rewards by completing quests
  18. Improved event interface
  19. Tweaked Quillen's Dystopia Enforcer ultimate effect so that he is harder to discover
  20. Fixed an issue where sliding the red dot left and right does not remove it on the Hero Story page.
  21. Fixed an issue where Tel'Annas' spawn point is not fully displayed.
  22. Fixed an issue where going directly from the Hero Story page to the battle page resulted in graphical bugs.
  23. Fixed an issue with hero relationships, including Hayate's clan and new allies; Errol's soul bond; D'Arcy's soul bond.
  24. Fixed an overlap issue with Mganga and Arduin's display in the Lokheim hero overview in Encyclopedia of Athanor.
  25. Fixed an issue where red dots are displayed on Hero Story Anecdotes and Biography tabs even though they were not unlocked.
  26. Fixed an issue where signals could not be sent after marking an ally or enemy.
  27. Fixed a sound issue with the "Watch this position" signal.
  28. Fixed an issue where summoner skill Execute did not show remaining time when a signal is sent during the cooldown period.
  29. Fixed a ranked match season stats error.
  30. Fixed an issue with selected hero name not being visible in BP mode.
  31. Fixed an issue where Omen's ultimate can cause the target to move erratically.
  32. Fixed an issue where Tel'Annas' Silverwing skin skill 1 effect could not be displayed in 3v3 maps.
  33. Fixed an issue with icon display in Moren's Workshop when icons and dance actions are switched repeatedly.
  34. A Performance sound option that improves gameplay smoothness and stability on certain devices.

Ishar: That's all with this update! We look forward to hearing from you!

Furball (excited): #¥%&...!!!