Improving the Game Experience

2018-08-23 09:58:10

The Battlefield Reborn isn't just bringing a whole slew of major gameplay changes. We're using this update as a chance to improve the overall Arena of Valor experience -- both in and out of battle.


Matchmaking is all about finding a balance between speed and quality. When speaking with our players, we were told that they really feel like the current methodology isn't totally fair with regard to premade groups. We are going to changing the algorithm and place priority on searching for parties of different sizes to achieve this. 

  1. Premade groups of five players will only be matched with another premade five stack.

  2. Solo queue players will only be matched against solo players.

  3. The size of premade groups on both sides of the queue are now considered when searching for a match.

    For example, a premade group of 3 players will try to be matched in a 3+2 vs. 3+2 match first, before proceeding to match 3+1+1 vs. 3+1+1, and if a match is still not found, then lastly going to a 3+2 vs. 3+1+1 makeup.

    1. Solo players will only get matched against groups if they experience a long queue time. The system will first try to match with other solo players exclusively.

  4. We are also helping players who need to queue up again after one of the ten players did not press OK in time.

    These players will be prioritized when entering back into the matchmaking queue.

These changes may make your queue times a bit longer, with the tradeoff being a better match experience and fairly balanced team composition. We will be watching closely how these changes perform and will make adjustments as necessary, with clear communication about any further possible alterations to the searching method.

Pre-Match Communication

We're providing players with efficient communication tools so they can clearly discuss hero selection and which heroes are suitable for which lanes in order to work better as a team overall. 

From the Hero Selection screen, players can now set a preference for which lane their would like to take. This can be seen by all teammates during the pick stage by tapping on the [Communicate] option. 

If you are still learning the ins and outs of Arena of Valor, you can find detailed information about which hero types are suitable for which lanes by tapping [Map Info] > [Introduction] from the top of the Casual Match screen.

Browse Menu

Have you ever queued into a match and suddenly realized you need to change up your Arcana? Yeah, us too. 

Now when you are in a team lobby during hero selection, you will be free to return to the main menu and do what you need to do before a game begins. In the team lobby, just tap [Browse Menu] to head back. A bar at the top of your screen will let you know how many players have joined the room. Tapping [Return to Room] will take you back.

Draft Assistance

Ranked Matches for high-level players will be improved and help them to avoid the scramble for filling a certain role. Teammates can suggest which heroes to draft, and players can now switch places in the draft order with two-way approval.

Hero Practice

The goal of Practice Mode is to allow players to simulate an actual combat environment, but repeatedly beating up on Thane is just one small scenario. Players can now change the AI Talent, Equipment, Hero, level, and Arcana. If a player owns the selected opponent hero, the skin can also be changed. Now Thane can have a break.

New Battle Effects

We're introducing fully customizable effects for recalls, kills, and sprinting trails. These flashy and colorful effects will allow players to freely express themselves and leave their mark on the battlefield.

  1. These effects can be selected via the new Battle Effects menu.

  2. You will automatically begin with default Recall, Kill, and Sprinting Trail effects. New special effects can be earned via a number of methods, both permanent and trials. They will need to be opened in the Backpack and then activated in the Battle Effects menu.

  3. Some effects can only be used in certain game modes.

  4. If an effect is labeled 'General' it can be used in all modes. Others may be listed as 'Banned in Ranked.'

  5. Every battle effect available at the launch of the Battlefield Reborn update will be compatible with all heroes. Hero exclusive effects will be coming in the future.

Changing Equipment Builds Mid-Game

Since players need to adapt to how a match is playing out, your hero build and the equipment you purchase may often need to change, as well. It will now be possible to edit desired Equipment builds during battle, making it easy to change on the fly.

Hero Details

We've heard from many that the Hero Details button is too easy to accidentally select while in combat - especially when using an ultimate ability. We've now added a display option for this Setting.

Improved Skillshots

In order to give players more precise control over their heroes, we've made it so that aimable skills can be dragged directly over the desired target before release, improving the accuracy.

Color Distinction Between Shields

Shields that protect against magic are now colored purple in order to distinguish it from other shield effects.

In-Game AI Assistant

Alice now appears in the main menu to offer tips and reminders in various situations, such as when you have a reward to be claimed. This is also where Achievements have been moved to.

And that's it! Don't forget to check out the rest of what's new in terms of gameplay, hero balance, and much more in the complete patch notes.