March Patch Notes

2019-03-23 11:45:17

Dear Challenger,

A new update for Arena of Valor is rolling out, which includes changes to hero balance, qualifiers and battlefield, among others. We hope this update will make battles even more balanced and exciting, giving everybody a better experience.


I.Qualifier tweaks

1.New Placement Match

Added new Placement Matches at the start of each season where tiers can be improved rapidly, allowing players to quickly reach a tier appropriate to their ability.


2.New Season Challenges

Season Rewards have been changed to Season Challenges. Reach a certain tier during a season and receive its corresponding reward when a new season begins.


3.Favorite Hero statistics

The Favorites page can now show detailed statistics on the heroes you have used.


4.Number of quick chat messages increased from 8 to 16

More quick chat messages makes communicating on the battlefield even easier.


5.Report Feedback optimizations

Three report items have been added and players can now report up to three items, receiving direct feedback on the Results page. Players with low Credibility Scores will also receive less Brave Points, gold and experience.


6.Additional mute option

Additional Block options: Stop annoying message sound effects by muting sound notifications for messages from a player. They will still be displayed on the UI but will not play any sound.


7.Added Power Requirements

Added a requirement where players must reach a certain amount of power to be ranked in Legendary Ranking.


8.New user settings cloud

Save your settings to the cloud so that you can jump right back into familiar settings after changing your device or reinstalling the game.


9.Flexible idle teammates

After ordering an idle teammate o [Remain at Spring] or [Follow Me], you can change your mind at any time depending on the current situation.


10.New hero costume customizations

You can now customize certain skins such as adding bunny ears or make your weapon deadlier-looking, for a look that belongs to you and no one else!



II.Battlefield changes


1.Abyssal Dragon

[Design Concept]We tweaked the Abyssal Dragon's buffs so that it remains relevant throughout, becoming a key resource that makes heroes more powerful for players to fight over.

Get Gold and EXP for the match by killing the Abyssal Dragon. Heroes near the Abyssal Dragon when it is killed receive the new buff [Blood of the Dragon], which lasts for 90s or until they die.

[Blood of the Dragon]: 90s duration. Skills and normal attacks deal 180(+15 per level) (+0.4AP) (0.7 additional AD) magic damage over 3s when they hit an enemy.


2.Dark Slayer

[Design Concept]We increased Dark Slayer's spawn rate in order to increase pushing and game pace in the late game, as well as address the issue of Drake being too weak in the late game.


Dark Slayer respawn time: 8 min -> 7 min

Dark Slayer spawn interval: 5 min -> 3 min

Drake attack damage increased by 20%


3.Enraged Abyssal Dragon

[Design Concept]We wanted the Enraged Abys Drg to be a neutral resource with the ability to break stalemates in the end-game. We have delayed its spawn and extended its buff time to allow it to make a bigger impact. As the Abyssal Dragon and its Enraged variant have different spawn times, we have tweaked their HP and attack to match the game pace and hero strength at different points in the game.


Enraged Abys Drg respawn time: 10 min -> 15 min

Enraged Abys Drg spawn interval: 5 min -> 4 min

Enraged Abys Drg buff time: 90s -> 3 min

Removed buff [Abyssal Curse]


4.Tower tweaks

Tower Gold reward: 60/80/100 -> 40/40/80 (Outer/Inner/Core)

Base Abys Drg Gold: 80->50, Gold growth: 6.5%/30s -> 5%/30s, growth cap reached at 15 min (when Enraged Abys Drg spawns)


5.Lane tweaks

Lane speed up starts: 6 min -> 10 min

Enhanced melee unit starting HP: 2320 -> 2100,

Enhance melee unit starting Gold: 65 -> 52

Enhanced melee units will no longer appear starting wave 10


6.New "Fog of War" feature

[Design Concept]Player's vision range is represented as fog of war on the map, providing a deeper battlefield experience.

Players can set the fog to on or off when setting up a match.



III. 3v3 Mode tweaks


Core changes



Killing a hero recovers 20% of max HP and 15% of max MP


2.Honorable Battle

Core receives Absolute Defense: When Core HP goes below 20%, resurrect all friendly heroes and add a shield equal to 30% of max Core HP, reducing damage taken by 70% for up to 10s.



Tweaked Garnak's kill buff. The three layers are now: +20% attack speed, +15% damage reduction and +20% damage dealt.


Other changes

1.Towers get additional DMG reduction for 3 min

2.Added two mass healing runes

3.Reduced hero resurrect time



IV. Hero balance tweaks


Tulen, The pure

-Passive: Thunderclap

Magic damage per thunder blast: 320(+0.52AP)(+40 per level) -> 270(+0.6AP)(+44 per level)


Jinnar, The Incorruptible

-Passive: Meditation

Passive normal attack boost effect does not crit



Krixi, The Pixie

-Base movement speed: 340 -> 350


Sephera, The Water Ascendant

-Skill 1: Water Spirits

Magic damage: 300-500(+0.4AP) -> 300-500(+0.35AP)

Magic damage next normal attack: 250-400(+0.3AP) -> 250-400(+0.27AP)


D'Arcy, The Archmagus

-Passive: Dimensional Force

Recovery from normal attack: 6 -> 5


-Skill 1: Dimensional Walk

Magic damage: 300(+70/Lv)(+0.8AP) -> 330(+80/Lv)(+0.5AP)

Cooldown: : 8/7.6/7.2/6.8/6.4/6s-> 9/8.5/8/7.5/7/6.5s


-Skill 2: Dimensional Cube

Magic damage: 900(+90/Lv)(+1.75AP) -> 800(+80/Lv)(+1.85AP)


Yorn, The Hotshot

-Skill 3: Heart Shot

Cooldown: 18/15/12 -> 20/17/14

Mana cost: 100/110/120 -> 120


Violet, The Pistol Assassin

-Base movement speed: 340 -> 350


Fennik, Vulpis Ignis

-Base movement speed: 340 -> 350


Valhein, The Demon Hunter

-Passive: Pocket Glaive

Red dart magic damage: 80(+10 per level)(+1.0AD)(+0.65AP) -> 80(+10 per level)(+1.15AD)(+0.65AP)

Blue dart magic damage: 80(+10 per level)(+0.6AD)(+0.55AP) -> 80(+10 per level)(+0.75AD)(+0.55AP)

Yellow dart magic damage: 80(+10 per level)(+0.6AD)(+0.55AP) -> 80(+10 per level)(+0.75AD)(+0.55AP)


Capheny, The Gunner

-Skill 1: Pulse Shot

Physical damage: 70(+40 /Lv)+ 1.0(+0.05 /Lv)* AD -> 70(+70/Lv)+ 1.0(+0.05 /Lv)* AD


-Skill2: Propulsion

Fixed a bug where the crit stacking effect was much higher than intended


Elsu, The Soaring Falcon

-Skill 2: Snipe

Physical damage: 1050/1200/1350/1500/1650/1800(+2.5 additional AD) -> 1000/1120/1240/1360/1480/1600(+2.4 additional AD)

Tweaked the aim indicator so that it matches the actual effective area of the skill.


-Skill 3: Disengage

Enemy movement speed slowdown: 50% -> 30%

Own movement speed increase after landing: 30% -> 20%

Cooldown: 25/20/15 ->30/25/20


Kil'Groth, The Terror

-Passive: The Fanatic

Attack speed increase from normal attack: 6-10% -> 8-14%


-Skill 2: Enraged Spear

Cooldown: 12 -> 12/11.6/11.2/10.8/10.4/10


Lu Bu, The Great Warlord

-Skill 1: Red Stallion

Rank 1 and rank 2 have faster movement speed and shorter recovery time


-Skill 3: Martial Master

Immediately removes control effect on self and recover 10% of HP lost


Florentino, The Gentle Blade

-Skill 2: Triple Threat

True damage: 4(+1% of bonus AD)% of target max HP -> 3(+1% of bonus AD)% of target max HP


Riktor, The Imbued

-Passive: Battle Instinct

Riverbed form movement speed boost increased to 20%


-Skill 1: Jungle Strike

Reduced hitbox size in Brush form and increased hitbox size in Riverbed form to match the visual effects

Dash damage: 50-150 (+0.5AD) -> 40-120 (+0.4AD)

Damage % while in bushes: 7% flat


-Skill 2: Retaliate

Physical damage in Road form: 225-475(+1.5AD) -> 250-525(+1.5AD)

Stun duration: 1s -> 1.25s


Veres, The Thorn

-Passive: Bloody Kiss

Magic damage: 320(+20 per level)(+1.5AD) -> 250(+25 per level)(+1.5AD)

Life Steal on hit: 12% -> 8%-15%

Max Life Steal: 120% -> 150%

Fixed a bug where Life Steal was not being affected by reduced healing


-Skill 1: Bloody Fangs

Fixed the aim indicator so that it matches the actual effective area of the skill.


-Skill 2: Serpent's Embrace

Physical damage: 85(+35 per level)(+0.4AD) -> 100(+30 per level)(+0.5AD)


-Skill 3: Venom

Serpent's Blood true damage: 300/450/600(+12/16/20(+1%AD)% of HP already lost by target) -> 300/450/600(+12/15/18(+1%AD)% of HP already lost by target)

Physical attack boost when enraged: 150/250/350 -> 120/170/220


Arduin, The Spirit

-Skill 1: Rend

Physical damage to enemies on lane: 250/300/350/400/450/500(+1.0AD) -> 250/330/410/490/570/650(+1.0AD)

Follow-up attack physical damage: 250/300/350/400/450/500(+1.0AD) -> 250/330/410/490/570/650(+1.0AD)


Taara, The War Hammer

-Passive: Fighting Spirit

HP healed in 3s: 6% of HP lost -> 9% of HP lost


-Skill 1: Colossal Smash

Slow effect: (30/36/42/48/54/60)% -> 60%


Quillen, Purifying Blade

-Skill 1: Mutilate

Physical damage: 175/200/225/250/275/300(+0.55 additional AD) -> 160/185/210/235/260/285(+0.45 additional AD)


-Skill 2: Decimate

Physical damage: 300/340/380/420/460/500(+0.8 additional AD) ->300/340/380/420/460/500(+0.7 additional AD)


Nakroth, The Executioner's Blade

-Skill 2: Death Sentence

All of 1.2AD component of sweep physical damage can crit -> Only 1.0AD component of sweep physical damage can crit


TeeMee, The Stalwart Twins

-Passive: Scavenge

Additional Gold found: 25% -> 20%


-Skill 1: Pooty Poots

Fixed a bug where cooldown refunded under low charge was reduced



V. Equipment tweaks


Purifying Bracers

[Unique Active - Purification]

Can be used while Stunned


Heart of Incubus

Price: 760->720

Armor: 180->150


[Unique Passive - Burn]

Damage per second increase against Minions and Monsters per level: 100% ->50%


Mantle of Ra

Price: 1950->1900

Components: Cleaving Claymore + Heart of Incubus -> Necklace of Vitality + Talisman of Strength + Heart of Incubus

Armor: 330 -> 200


[New]+1000 HP

[New]+60 HP

[Removed]+80 ATK


Magic damage vs adjacent enemies per second: 100 -> 2% of own max HP

Damage increase against Minions and Monsters per level: 100% ->50%



Components: Gnoll Cleaver + Necklace of Vitality + Light Armor -> Heart of Incubus + Gnoll Cleaver


Armor: +100 -> +300

[Removed]+750 max HP


Spear of Longinus

Price: 2080 ->2030


Hercules' Madness

Price: 2000 ->2080

Components: Light Armor + Gladiator's Gauntlets + Chainhammer -> Cleaving Claymore + Light Armor + Light Armor


ATK: 50 -> 80

Armor: 180 -> 225

[Removed]+120 magic defense


[Unique Passive]

+40 ATK -> +20% Physical Life Steal

Shield Increase: 800+80*Hero level

Cooldown: 90s -> 60s


Essence of the Wind

Active skill speed up time: 3s -> 2s


Ring of the Fiend

Active skill mass speed up: 50%->30%

Fixed a bug where the visual effect area and actual area of effect did not match



VI.Bug fixes and other tweaks

1.Tweaked the aim indicator for Veres' skill 1 and skill 3 so that it matches the actual effective area of the skill;

2.Fixed a bug where Florentino's skill 1 cooldown reduction effect stacks when his skill 2 hits multiple enemies;

3.Tweaked the aim indicator for Elsu's skill 2 so that it matches the actual effective area of the skill;

4.Fixed a bug where Maloch's regen effect sometimes did not stack when hitting multiple enemies while enchantment is active;

5.Updated background stories for Mganga, Mina and Azzen'Ka

6.On lower-end machines, the game will automatically switch to static login screens if it detects an issue playing back the login screen video

7.Fixed a bug in D’Arcy’s ultimate where an enemy hit by the ultimate cannot be pulled back normally.