Beta36-2 Hotfix Patch Note

2022-05-26 14:49:02

Dear Challengers,

On May 26, Arena of Valor is getting an update for official servers, and servers will not be taken offline while this update is being applied.

Balance Adjustments:


Designer's perspective:

Omega's survivability is quite dependent on his movement speed and not other hard survival abilities. As a result, Omega has been having difficulty since we reduced his movement speed greatly last time.

  • We've increased the value of the Omega's shield to make him more comparable with other tanks and help him adapt to the current battlefield environment.

  • We've also checked descriptions related to Omega's movement speed and tweaked parts that seemed unreasonable.


  • Skill 1: Shield: 150 +50/Lv. ——> 200 +100/Lv.; Movement Speed: 20% +4%/Lv. ——> 25% +3%/Lv.


Designer's perspective:

As an extreme glass cannon, Yorn is even more reliant on equipment to achieve his full potential than other Marksman heroes. Therefore, he gains an even larger advantage than other Marksman heroes after gold minions are added to the Dragon Lane.

  • We've slightly decreased Yorn's power in the mid-to-late game so that the opponent's front row won't be decimated too early in a team fight.


  • Target HP bonus of his Open Fire passive: 2% (+1% for every extra 200 AD) ->2% (+1% for every extra 250 AD)


Designer's perspective:

We've improved unreasonable parts of Enzo's action parameters to make his movements and controls smoother without allowing him to dish out more pain to his opponents.


  • Skill 1 control improvements: When a target is selected for skill 2, the casting of skill 1 is more responsive but doesn't impact the control effects or duration.

  • Ultimate control improvements: Decreased the stun time. Enzo can now move behind the target correctly instead of superimposing with the opponent's location when it is used from far away.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mina's normal skill 1's cooldown to refresh after she uses her enhanced skill 1.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the stacks of critical chance Capheny gained in Pulse Shot form to become invalid.

  • Fixed a bug that caused abnormal pop-ups to appear in matches.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the second stage of Yan's skill 2 from triggering when the enhanced normal attack of Yan's skill 2 is used against an opponent who is moving or cannot be targeted at that time.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Tel'Annas' skill 1 from having no special effects when she was equipped with Royal Guard skin in Mayhem Mode.

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error with the configuration of wildlings in Training Camp.

  • Fixed a bug that has a chance of causing Tulen's ultimate to extend outside the screen when he is equipped with Dawning Fire, and Kaiming skin.